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Marjan Ansari, The Perfect Stone (Print Media) Marjan Ansari: The Perfect Stone. (Print Media)
Music Music
Emily-Karcz, Installation (Fibres) mil: Installation. (Fibres and Material Practices)

Join us for over twenty-five events and exhibitions staged from March 1 to June 30 by students in all nine of Concordia's fine arts departments.

"Fine Arts students are extraordinarily agile and translational thinkers – and it shows in what they choose to show us.” - Dean Rebecca Duclos

Follow us on Twitter at @CU_FineArts and participate with #CUspringshows!

Dance, Eryn Tempest (photo by Yves Gigon) Eryn Tempest, contemporary dance (photo by Yves Gigon)


March 3 to 18
Work of Marcela Bórquez, MA student

March 3 to 24
Work of Sebastien Fitch, PhD student

March 29 to April 10
Imagination matérielle, by Martin Lalonde, PhD student

April 5 to September 21
Kite for Peace, a collaborative artwork created during the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts's Nuit Blanche event

April 18 to May 6
Life Analysis, by Georgina Smith


March 7 to 14
Scripting I (VAV Gallery display case)
An interdisciplinary exhibition of work by Art History and Ceramics students

March 11 and 12
Graduate Student Conference
Keynote presentation by Robin Tewes, artist and activist, on March 12 at 6 p.m.

March 22 to May 15
Re-imagining the Montreal Biosphere, graduate student exhibition

April 12 to May 10
Scripting II (Webster Library display case)
An interdisciplinary exhibition of work by Art History and Ceramics students



March 17 to 19
SPIRALE, new works by and with first-year students

April 14 to 16
DANSE 2016, second- and third-year students present original end-of year performances


March 19
Therapeutic expression for the well-being of all: a day of demonstrations, presentations and film screenings. Part of Creative Arts Therapies Week 2016.

April 13
Music Therapy students in concert: a benefit event for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund


April 28 to May 1
Spectrum: Design and Computation Arts Student Exhibition



April 7
Transdisciplinary Creation and Performance Ensemble

April 7
CLOrk (Laptop Orchestra) with QUADr and Choeur Elan

April 12
University Chorus and Chamber Choir

April 13
Jazz Choir

April 14
Jazz Improvisation I

April 18
Jazz Composition Students

April 20
Composition Students

April 21
Ensemble Eclectic and Jazz Improvisation II

April 22
Big Band

Plus, the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) on March 10 and 24 at 8 p.m on the 8th floor of MB!


March 14 to 18
Leather Lace Metal Glass, Fibres and Material Practices MFA student exhibition

March 24 to April 4
FibresFourEight, Fibres and Material Practices undergraduate student exhibition

March 31 to April 9
Print Media Undergraduate Student Exhibition

April 1 to 13
Dry Spells: A drawing exhibition

April 12
Urban Clay: one-day on-campus ceramics installations

April 12 to 29
Tomorrow: a photography exhibition

April 13 to 16
ArtX Undergraduate Student Exhibition

April 16 and 17
In-digestion, Intermedia undergraduate student exhibition

April 28 to May 4
Object Lesson, juried exhibition by the Fibres Student Association

May 5 to June 4
IGNITION 12, graduate student exhibition 
Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery

May 13 to 26
MAUREEN: MFA in Studio Arts Group Show

June 6 to 17
Graduating Student Exhibition 
FOFA and VAV galleries

Plus, Scripting, an exhibition of work by Ceramics and Art History students (see Art History).


April 7 to 9 
Alice, based on the books by Lewis Carroll

Sarah Da Silva Marques (Intermedia) In-progress piece by Sarah Da Silva Marques (Intermedia)
Tracey Fequet. Blanket  wire, balloons Tracey Fequet: Untitled (balloons). (Fibres and Material Practices)
Lea-Ann McNally, Homemade organism (Intermedia) In-progress piece by Lea-Ann McNally (Intermedia)
Sean Gallagher (Intermedia) In-progress piece by Sean Gallagher (Intermedia)
Installation by Misca Birklein Lagasse Installation by Misca Birklein Lagasse (Fibres and Material Practices)
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