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Marjan Ansari, The Perfect Stone (Print Media) Marjan Ansari: The Perfect Stone. (Print Media)
Music Music
Emily-Karcz, Installation (Fibres) mil: Installation. (Fibres and Material Practices)

Dance, Eryn Tempest (photo by Yves Gigon) Eryn Tempest, contemporary dance (photo by Yves Gigon)

Sarah Da Silva Marques (Intermedia) In-progress piece by Sarah Da Silva Marques (Intermedia)
Tracey Fequet. Blanket  wire, balloons Tracey Fequet: Untitled (balloons). (Fibres and Material Practices)
Lea-Ann McNally, Homemade organism (Intermedia) In-progress piece by Lea-Ann McNally (Intermedia)
Sean Gallagher (Intermedia) In-progress piece by Sean Gallagher (Intermedia)
Installation by Misca Birklein Lagasse Installation by Misca Birklein Lagasse (Fibres and Material Practices)
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