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Courses for non-Fine Arts students

FFAR 298BB - Sexual Representation in Performing Arts

Are you a student from another Faculty who would like to expand your knowledge of the arts and other aspects of human culture? Enroll in one of the Faculty’s special topics courses primarily or exclusively for non-Fine Arts students (course names in the class schedule begin with FFAR).

Course offerings include:

  • Introduction to Food Studies
  • Art of Film Animation
  • Rock'n Roll and its Roots
  • Art Forms of Bollywood
  • The City After Dark
  • History of 20th Century Fasion
  • Sexual Representation in Cinema
  • The Movie Soundtrack
  • Hip Hop: Beats, Rhymes and Life
  • It's Bigger than Hip Hop: The Power of Us
  • Censoring Popular Culture in America
  • Psychedelic Music
  • History of Visual Culture and Gaming
  • Sexual Representation in the Performing Arts
  • Dancing Bodies in Popular Culture
  • Minority Representation in Non-Fiction Film and Video
  • The Music of the Beatles
  • HIV/AIDS: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Scientific, Social and Cultural Aspects of the Epidemic
  • Horror and Fantasy Films
  • Montreal's Festival Culture

The full selection of these courses changes from year to year. None of these courses have pre-requisites, and none assume any specialized background knowledge on the part of students.

Other courses in the following departments are also open to non-Fine Arts students:

  • Contemporary Dance (DANC)
  • Music (EAMT, MUSI, MHIS, MPER) 
  • Theatre (PROD, THEA, TPER) 
  • Art History (ARTH, students can contact art.history@concordia for registration)

Please consult the courses available using the Class Search function in the Concordia Student Information System (SIS).

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