Concordia Student Exchange Program (CSEP)

Faculty of Fine Arts students who wish to study at a partner institution must:

1. Attend or watch the recorded annual Concordia International information sessionfor CSEP participation.

2. Attend a FOFA International Study Abroad Info Session hosted on ZOOM:

FOFA Study Abroad Info Session – Potential Applicants

LAST Minute FOFA CSEP FOFA Applicant Questions (Application Deadline JUNE 1st) – Drop-In

FOFA Study Abroad Info Session – Potential Applicants

LAST Minute FOFA CSEP FOFA Applicant Questions (Application Deadline JUNE 1st) – Drop-In

Academic Advising for Studying Abroad:

Drop-in Advising via Zoom – please have your student ID# ready to share in the Zoom waiting room

CSEP Application Deadlines:

FEBRUARY 1st(for all FALL semester departures & optional early application for WINTER semester departure)

JUNE 1st(for all WINTER semester departures)

FOFA CSEP Program Regulations & Eligibility:

  • Normally students must be registered full-time in the year of their application.
  • BFA students must a minimum cumulative 2.7 GPA on at least 24 credits taken at Concordia. Note that students who have not yet obtained a 2.7 cumulative GPA might be assessed on other criteria (High School report cards, CEGEP CRC scores previous university studies…etc.)
  • Have a minimum of 12 credits remaining towards degree completion during exchange semester (or 24 credits for exchange year).
  • All students must complete the online Concordia International application formfor exchange participationANDthe CSEP Preliminary Course Selection Form. The submission must be complete (all course descriptions attached) to be considered.
  • All students accepted to participate in CSEP will pay their tuition to Concordia and not to their host university.
  • Portfolio for Fine Arts students: All Fine Arts students who wish to take studio/performance based courses abroad must provide a web based portfolio (TMBLR, YOU TUBE, DROP BOX ...etc) of current creative work. The work must relate to the types of courses (studio/performance) you would like to take abroad. If the work is collaborative, please indicate your role in the production.
  • BFA students must either have completed FFAR 250 prior to or have it in-progress at time of application.
  • International students studying at Concordia cannot participate on the CSEP to their home country.
  • Students participating on the CSEP cannot take courses concurrently at their host and at Concordia University, even if the courses are being delivered remotely.
  • Once returning CSEP credits are transferred, participants have 2 months to finalize any course substitutions from their studies abroad with the department.

BE AWARE: Students away on exchange can not be concurrently registered in courses at Concordia University. International students may not go away on exchange to their home country.

Learn more about funding opportunities for CSEP participants

Visiting fee-paying option

Fine Arts students who wish to study at an institution outside of Québec that does not have a partnership with Concordia for studies abroad, may apply to be a Visiting Fee-Paying (VFP) student at an alternate qualified institution.

Students interested in this option should connect with the advisor by either emailing prior to application.

VFP Application Deadlines:

  • MARCH 15th (for all SUMMER term departures)
  • JUNE 15th (for all FALL semester departures)
  • OCTOBER 15th (for all WINTER semester departures)

FOFA VFP Program Process, Regulations & Eligibility:

  • Complete the Student Request Form, completed Program Guide (indicating where within your BFA the courses abroad apply), letter of intent explaining why you wish to study at this host institution, provide full-course listings & course descriptions for your intended courses.
  • Students with cumulative GPAs 2.70 and above will be considered.
  • FFAR 250 must either be completed or in-progress at time of application.
  • Students are responsible for assuming all costs & tuition-fees paid directly to the host institution
Learn more about funding opportunities for visitors who will be studying full-time while away
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