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Study Abroad Programs & Opportunities

Travel should be part of everyone's time at Concordia. Enrich your degree by spending a term, or up to a year, in another country. Or, if you want to study at an institution anywhere outside Quebec that doesn’t have a partnership with Concordia, we can arrange for a visiting-fee-paying student exchange as well.

Concordia Student Exchange Program (CSEP)

CSEP application process

Faculty of Fine Arts students who wish to study at a partner institution must:

1. Watch the recorded Concordia International information session for CSEP participation.

2. Attend a FOFA Study Abroad Info Session hosted on ZOOM (October-December and April-May) or watch the recorded session.

Up-coming Live FOFA Study Abroad Info Sessions & Support on ZOOM:

FOFA CSEP Program regulations & eligibility

  • Completed at least 1 full-time study semester within their BFA prior to application
  • 24 credits completed within BFA before CSEP departure
  • Minimum cumulative & Last Annual 2.7 GPA
  • BFA students must either have completed FFAR 248 and FFAR 249* prior to or have it in-progress at time of application
  • Minimum 12 required credits remaining towards BFA for each CSEP term abroad
  • Must apply online Concordia International application form
  • Students participating on the CSEP cannot take courses concurrently at their host and at Concordia University, even if the courses are being delivered remotely

*Formerly FFAR 250

After you apply

After Concordia International has nominated you to a host institution, you will need to attend one of the mandatory online FOFA CSEP Outgoing Workshops:

Post-FOFA CSEP Outgoing Workshop you will need to submit the following on TEAMS to Amanda Holt as soon as you receive your host acceptance or have all the available course information:

  • CSEP Course Selection Form 
  • Completed Program Guide indicating where your CSEP credits will go
  • 1 document with FULL host course descriptions (not just links to website)
  • FOFA CSEP participants are limited to 2 course approval requests
  • Restricted courses abroad which cannot be taken for credit include: English as a Second Language, Tourism, Physical Education, Internships, courses with missing required pre-requisites & any restrictions set by the host institution.
  • Students must earn a grade of C- or better at the host for transfer credit of approved courses
  • Department Advisors cannot approve CSEP credit transfers, only potential substitutions or equivalencies

Visiting fee-paying option

Fine Arts students who wish to study at an institution outside of Québec that does not have a partnership with Concordia for studies abroad, may apply to be a Visiting fee-paying (VFP) student at an alternate qualified institution.

Students must have approval to study abroad prior to taking courses at another institution. Courses taken at another institution outside of Québec without prior authorization, will not be considered for transfer.

Students interested in this option should connect with Amanda Holt, Academic Counsellor, in their drop-in advising hours prior to application.

VFP Application Deadlines

  • March 15 (for all Summer term departures)
  • June 15 (for all Fall semester departures)
  • October 15 (for all Winter semester departures)

FOFA VFP Program Process, Regulations & Eligibility

  • Meet with Amanda Holt in their regular drop-in advising hours to go over your program & Residency Requirement rules.
  • Complete the Student Request Form, completed Program Guide (indicating where within your BFA the courses abroad apply), letter of intent explaining why you wish to study at this host institution & any supporting documentation if this is a special request contra-indicating Residency Requirement Rules, provide full-course listings & course descriptions for the intended courses and send it to
  • Students with cumulative GPAs 2.70 and above will be considered.
  • FFAR 249* must either be completed or in-progress at time of application.
  • Students are responsible for assuming all costs & tuition-fees paid directly to the host institution.

*FFAR 250 was replaced by FFAR 248 and 249 in Fall 2024. FFAR 249 is the second part.

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