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How to apply to CSEP

Applying to CSEP is as easy as 5 simple steps. Follow the steps below and start your journey today.

Faculty requirements

Your faculty has specific eligibility requirements you must meet and approval processes that you must complete in order to get permission to go on exchange. Carefully review your faculty's website by clicking the appropriate link below to find out what those requirements are.

General requirements

Below are the general eligibility requirements for all faculties. However, each student's file will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please consult your faculty if you have any doubts or questions regarding your eligibility.

Undergraduate students

  • Minimum CGPA: 2.7
  • Full-time status: 12 credits per term
  • Completed Credits: 24 credits

Graduate students

  • Minimum CGPA: 3.0 
  • Full-time status: 9 credits per term
  • Completed Credits: 9 credits (24 for MBA students)
  • MBA students cannot take part in an exchange program in their last semester

Submit your application forms

There are several steps that you need to complete to submit your application to Concordia International, beginning with the selection of your host institutions to the acceptance of your placement at one of those institutions.

These 4 steps are only part of your application process for your exchange program. Please remember that your faculty also has requirements and processes that you must complete to get permission to participate in the program. Please confirm that you have completed your faculty's requirements.

Once you have accepted your placement, you will be required to complete an application for the institution in which you have been placed. However, you can't apply before you are prompted to do so by either your ILO, or by the host institution. Generally, the application period for host applications, depending on your host institution, are as follows:

  • Fall applicants: Apply from April – June        Winter applicants: Apply from August – November

Prepare application documents

Your host may require you to provide some of the following supporting documents with your application:

  • Proof of Language Proficiency
  • Official transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proof of adequate funding
  • Letter of motivation

Revisit course offerings

Confirm the course availability at your host university for the term(s) you will be on exchange. You may be required to select new courses at the time of your host application. 

Maintain course flexibility

Course flexibility is required as your host can't guarantee course availability. Ensure you have had a large selection of your host courses approved by your Concordia faculty.

Full-time course load requirement

Students must be regsitered for the equivalent of 12 -15 Concordia credits while on exchange at their host university. Students must confirm the credit equivalency between their host university and Concordia University prior to leaving for their exchange to ensure that they are registered full-time at their host unievrsity.

Students who are not registered full-time while on exchange are not eligible for a credit refund.

You will not receive a credit refund under the following circumstances:

  • •You registered for less than the equivalent of 12 Concordia credits
  • •You registered for the equivalent of 15 Concordia credits
  • •You failed any course at your host university

Confirm host admission notice

Letters of Admission (LOA) are issued 4-6 weeks after the host application deadline. Upon receipt of your letter, please send a copy to your ILO. Your LOA is required for confirmation of your bursary. 

Attend the pre-departure orientation session

The pre-departure orientation session is a group event to prepare students who have been accepted into the CSEP for their time abroad. Valuable information not previously discussed is shared during this session. 


It is your choice whether you wish to live on or off campus. Your host university's accommodation website is a great source for information on accommodation options.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for your exchange. Your coverage can be the CSU's Health Insurance, personal coverage or coverage required by the host country. Find out which applies to you.

Flights & Travel

Do not book your flight until you have received your official admission letter from your host institution and your exchange is confirmed.

Course Registration Abroad

You must be registered for a full-time course load during your exchange. Find out how registration at Concordia and your host university works.

Travel Safety

Awareness and preparation will help you travel with confidence. Having a Travel Preparation Plan is the first step. It is therefore mandatory that all students leaving for exchange complete the Concordia Global Learning Portal on Moodle and the Concordia Travel Registry.

You can reference the pre-departure Guide here and familiarize yourself with the material that wil be dicussed during the session. Please note that reading this guide does not replace your attendance. All students must attend the on-line pre-departure session. 

Arriving at your host university

You have finally arrived at your host university! Your journey has officially begun. There are some final steps that you are required to complete for you to have a successful exchange. The steps below should be completed within the first two weeks of your arrival at your host university.

Drop by your host's International Office

While you are on exchange you are representing Concordia University. We ask that you make a good impression by introducing yourself to the exchange staff and following any procedures they may ask of you.

Get new courses approved

When you arrive at your host, some of the courses that you wished to register for may be full or no longer offered. Any new courses that you select at this point that have not previously been approved by your Concordia faculty/department must be approved. 

Confirm your arrival at host

Let us know you've arrived and enrolled in courses by e-mailing us your Confirmation of Arrival. This form is also necessary for the payment of your Quebec Mobility Bursary

Drop Your Concordia courses

If you have not already done so, drop the courses that you registered for at Concordia University for the semester that you are on exchange. You must drop your courses before the DNE deadline date for the semester of your exchange. You are financially responsible for any course that you do not drop. 

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