Tips for applying for an exchange

Course/program compatibility

Talk to your faculty or department advisor about your degree requirements! Your advisor can provide you with information on the types of courses you can take for credit abroad and what you need in order to complete your degree requirements. This information is vital when choosing a host institution.

Language of instruction at host university

It is important that you verify that the courses you wish to take at your host university are offered in a language in which you are fluent. Many of our partner institutions offer courses in English, but you must verify that your course selections are.

Academic dates

Institutional Academic calendars vary form one country to the next, so you must verify that the academic calendar for the institutions where you wish to apply works for you. These dates should take into consideration the orientation start date and the examination end date when doing your research.

Your budget

Your financial requirements will vary depending on your individual goals, the cost of living in your host country, and your personal preferences. Concordia International is not able to provide you with a precise dollar amount. Only you can determine how much money you will need for exchange. Our CSEP Budget form can help you calculate an preliminary budget based on the expenses you are likely to ensure during your time abroad.

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