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VIDEO: Managing a $1 Million portfolio through the Van Berkom Investment Management program

John Molson Graduate Experience Series
January 19, 2022
By Chris Wise, Graduate Recruitment & Marketing Associate

Another post as part of our John Molson Graduate Experience series, a multi-part video series featuring many experience-centered, hands-on learning opportunities relevant to our graduate programs and students throughout different disciplines.

In this video, Program Director Amr Addas tells us about the Van Berkom Investment Management Program (VBIMP) and how it provides the opportunity for a team of students to take on a two-year mandate managing small-cap investments within a one-million dollar portfolio. Their goal? To outperform small-cap North American benchmarks.

Learning to manage the challenges, pressures and risks associated with investing, the VBIMP exposes students to real-world finance experience. Students work together in choosing investment opportunities: how to value a company and complete financial modeling tasks; analyzing risk factors and growth potential; as well as learning to pitch a stock investment to their teammates and fund co-managers.

In their first-year at VBIMP, students start as Research Associates (RAs), conducting research, producing stock reports and learning to prepare their own stock pitches for the committee. In the second year, RAs become Fund Managers, assuming the responsibility of managing the fund with the input and support of the RAs.

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