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Progress updates

We strive for comprehensive and transparent reporting on the progress of the five stream plans. Below are our most recent updates.

Collaboration + Community = Progress

In collaboration with stream coordinators and relevant stakeholders, the Office of Sustainability developed key performance indicators and measurement plans for the stream targets. The progress on the plans will be reported to the community in the form of an online dashboard.

The purpose of the dashboard is to provide the community with an annual snapshot of our progress on each of the stream plans. It also serves as an internal system for tracking the advancement of the targets and evaluating priorities while increasing transparency and accountability.  

This online dynamic report serves to keep our community informed, celebrate the progress made on the Sustainability Action Plan, and look to the future as an opportunity to address areas for improvement.

The dashboard is separated into five sections corresponding to our stream plan topics: Sustainable Food Systems, Zero Waste, Climate Action, Sustainability in Research, and Sustainability in Curriculum. All progress reported is for the 2022-23 academic year. 


For questions about the Sustainability Action Plan, contact Cassandra Lamontagne:

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