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2022-23 Sustainability in Research Progress

Discover what Concordia is doing to achieve its 2025 sustainability in research targets.



  • Develop a framework to support interdisciplinary sustainability research at Concordia


  • In progress

In the 2021-22 academic year, a formal proposal for the creation of a sustainability research incubator was developed by members of the sustainability research community. 

In parallel, a 17 rooms exercise was facilitated as part of a voluntary university review; a process of determining how best to maximize the universities impact and engagement in alignment with the sustainability development goals. 

These conversations led to the development of the Research Impact Pathways project. The Pathways Project is a framework for a shared institutional vision of research impact that supports multiple pathways to impact by leveraging existing and enhanced resources and expertise through cross-unit collaboration and cooperation. 

Taking an iterative approach to planning and creation, the research impact pathways project is currently in its infancy stages but so far has received support from the academic cabinet, and support from the research community in addition to units across the university such as the university library, the Office of Community Engagement, University Communication Services, District 3 & Balsam, and the 4th Space.

Efforts supporting this target

  • Ongoing programs that encourage students and faculty in multiple disciplines or academic programs to conduct sustainability research 



  • Increase financial and operational support for faculty and students engaged in sustainability research


  • Ongoing

Efforts supporting this target

  • Concordia sustainability research funding programs such as Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program, Sustainable Transitions Team Research Initiative program, Sustainability Research Awards Program, Capstone SDG Impact Award

  • Hiring of a Sustainability Research Coordinator in VPRGS to provide operational support for faculty and students engaged in sustainability research

  • All sustainability research grant applications/competitions receive the support of the Office of Research via ConRAD


Calls to action



  • Promote and enhance Concordia research to enrich local, Canadian, and International communities


  • Ongoing

Aid to Research Related Events (ARRE)

Total funding for ARRE provided in 2022-23: $181,431  
Total number of events that benefitted: 42  
Total number of sustainability related events that benefitted: 18  

Efforts supporting this target

  • Through the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies (OVPRGS) there is an Aid to Research-Related Events (ARRE) funding program. The objective of the program is to stimulate exchange and transfer of knowledge as well as support visibility and outreach initiatives as diverse as workshops, conference, lectures, visiting scholars/artists, publications, and exhibitions

  • Updates to Next-Gen Explore that include integrating faculty researcher-related sustainability data

  • The Coordinator of Sustainability in Research is working on a project to coordinate and support connections between sustainability researchers and CEGEPs

  • A discussion about the recognition of alternative metrics of research impact for hiring and promotion will be part of the Research Impact Pathways project

  • Each year, the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre and the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability host a free cross-disciplinary sustainability conference featuring student and faculty research around a different environmental theme

  • Concordia’s 4TH SPACE regularly collaborates with Concordia sustainability researchers and promotes their research through hosting experiential learning activities like interactive installations, research-creation experiences, workshops, and public talks

Calls to Action



  • Monitor and reduce the ecological footprint of research, dissemination, and related activities conducted on and off campus


  • Ongoing

Efforts supporting this target

  • The Office of Sustainability is coordinating a Fly Less campaign inspired by the policy that was created by the Department of Geography, Planning & Environment. Two workshops on the topic were given in 2022-23 and were targeted to university faculty and staff. 

  • A project to produce guidelines detailing best sustainable research practices at Concordia is currently underway, spearheaded by the OVPRGS. A collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Science
    to develop guidelines surrounding the research practices of lab work has been initialized and is currently in a brainstorming phase. 

  • In 2022-23, the Office of Sustainability launched a Sustainable Event Certification program. The program is intended to help all Concordians host more socially and environmentally sustainable events. Many Concordia research events have availed of the program. Work is underway to incorporate the Sustainability Event Guide into the ARRE application criteria. 

  • Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program projects such as the MATTEReality: Sustainable Studios, Solvent Recovery Initiative and the Engineering Design & Manufacturing Lab Library of Parts.

Calls to Action

Related Sustainable Development Goal

Responsible Consumption and Production


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