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Sustainable Food Systems Plan

Focusing on food

Our baseline

Students on campus are active advocates for sustainable food. At Concordia, there are:

  • three student-run cafés and bars
  • five initiatives providing food to the Concordia community for free or by donation
  • numerous initiatives that either grow, produce or distribute food and groceries
two students eating at Buzz Cafe on Loyola Campus

Hospitality Concordia and Concordia Food Services offer:

  • at least one vegan meal at all times in the dining halls
  • regular food donations from events through La Tablée des Chefs
  • an emphasis on certified local and sustainable food, including Local Food Days celebrated once a month

Concordia earned a Fair Trade Campus designation in August 2016, and a Fair Trade committee was formed in 2019 to increase engagement and availability around fair trade on campus.

The Food Advisory Working Group (FAWG) is a multi-stakeholder group coordinated through the Office of the Vice-President, Services and Sustainability. FAWG meets every fall and winter term to share ideas and set targets that better serve the Concordia community.

Drafting Committee

The committee members below worked between June 2018 and May 2019 to draft the 20-year goals and five-year targets and strategies of the stream plans. Concordia then consulted with key stakeholders to determine the feasibility and impact of their recommendations, which allowed for the prioritization and budgeting of the plans.

Note that titles reflect members’ designated roles at the time of their work on the committee.

Chair: Sabrina Lavoie (Executive Director, Budget Planning and Control, Office of VP, Services and Sustainability)

Coordinator: Claudette Torbey (Administrator Food Services, Sustainability & Quality, Hospitality Concordia)


  • Akira De Carlos (Sustainability Coordinator, CSU)
  • Alison Rowley (Resident Student, Grey Nuns Residence)
  • Andrew Woodall (Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students)
  • Chesley Walsh/Jackie Martin (Coordinator, City Farm School)
    As of April 2019: Megan Mericle (Outreach and Administrative Coordinator, Concordia Greenhouse)
  • Chiranjeevi Koduri (Representative, GSA)
  • Chloë Williams (Café Coordinator, Hive Café Solidarity Co-operative)
  • Donna Craven (Assistant to Associate Dean, Planning and Academic Facilities, FAS; Loyola Staff Representative)
  • Erik Chevrier (PhD student; Part-time Instructor, Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Johanne de Cubellis (Associate Director, Hospitality Concordia)
  • Marie-Josée Allard (Director, Hospitality Concordia)
  • Owen Moran (Health Promotion Specialist, Health Services)
  • Ryan Douglass (Manager, Grey Nuns Residence, West Wing, Residence Life Concordia)
  • Sebastián Di Poi (Internal Coordinator, Concordia Food Coalition)


For questions about the Sustainable Food Systems Plan, contact Claudette Torbey:

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