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New Student Checklist


The following steps apply to all new international students.

Each international student has been assigned their very own ISO advisor. Your ISO advisor will assist you with all ISO-related matters from getting settled to understanding your health insurance plan to applying for or renewing your study-related immigration documents.

Who's your advisor? If your Concordia University student ID#:

  • ends with 0 or 1, your advisor is Anna Nigoghosian
  • ends with 2 or 3, your advisor is Brenda Brisson
  • ends with 4 or 5, your advisor is Daniel Giglio
  • ends with 6 or 7, your advisor is Farooq Shaikh
  • ends with 8 or 9, your advisor is Tatiana Gomez

For example, if your Concordia University student ID# is 87654321, then your advisor is Anna; if your Concordia University ID# is 12345678, your advisor is Tatiana Gomez; and so on.

You can meet with your ISO advisor: 

  • In-person drop-ins (GM 330) 
  • Virtual drop-in sessions (via Zoom) 

You can view your ISO advisor's availability here.

If you have been admitted to a program (certificate, diploma, Bachelor's, Master's or PhD) or are an exchange student who will study at Concordia University for 2 terms, you must upload a CAQ and a Study Permit.
If you are an exchange student who will be studying at Concordia University for 1 term only , you must upload the biographical page of your valid passport.
Here are the instructions to upload your immigration document(s):
  • Upload documents in your Student Hub (You can also find this link in your Student Hub)
  • Select the type of document you would like to upload then attach your file from the drop-down menu. Repeat this step until you have uploaded all of your travel documents. Once done, click Submit.
  • To find out what these documents look like, click here.
  • Both your CAQ and study permit or your passport (if you are a one-term exchange student) must be uploaded to your Student Hub by the DNE deadline of your first term at Concordia University. For the Summer 2024, the DNE deadline is May 15, 2024 (if you start in Summer 1) and July 9, 2024 (if you start in Summer 2).

  • Go to your Student Hub, find and select Code Permanent Data Form (towards the bottom-right of the page).
  • Check if the information on the form is correct and click Save.
  • Make sure all required documents are uploaded (CAQ and Study Permit for students for more than 6 months or the biographical page of your current and valid passport for students who will be studying for one term only) - as per Step 1
  • Questions about your permanent code should be directed to

Once the Permanent Code is issued, you will be able to view it by clicking on the Code Permanent Data Form button.

You will find step-by-step instructions about applying for your permanent code here.


All new students are required to complete the mandatory IT TAKES ALL OF US Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Training within the first 6 weeks of their first term at Concordia University. 
All new graduate students are required to complete the Academic Success and Integrity Module (ASIM) training during their first term at Concordia University.


Tuition fee payment deadlines:

  • Summer tuition and fees are due by May 31
  • Fall tuition and fees are due by September 30
  • Winter tuition and fees are due by February 15

To learn how much is due, refer to the tuition and fee information in your Student Hub.

There are many accepted methods of payment; the easiest one is to pay online via your Student Hub using online banking.

The link to manage tuition and fee payments can also be found in your Student Hub.

If you are in need of advice or assistance regarding tuition and tuition payment, contact


Refer to your offer of admission for registration instructions.

Need more help with your course registration? Take a look at the:


Visit the Concordia University’s Orientation page where you can find more information on things to do as a new student, resources and services available to new students, and much more!

Only if applicable:

Submit required document(s) to complete your admission condition(s). Follow-up inquiries should be directed to your Admission Officer. Their contact information is available in your offer of admission.


Include your new address, telephone number, email address (if applicable).

Instructions on how to update your personal information are available here.

Go to for information on additional Dental Insurance (optional).

You can apply online or by mail. More information is available here.

Your official student identification, issued by Card Services, is key to accessing facilities and services on campus, plus student pricing off campus too.

A student ID card lets you borrow items from the Library, use on-campus printers, hop on the shuttle bus, get a reduced-fare transit pass, and more!

  • Register for at least one course, then wait 24 hours. 
  • Next, drop by Card Services, where staff will take your photo and issue your card within minutes. (We do not accept digital photos.) Bring your student ID number and a piece of government-issued photo identification. Without them, we cannot issue your student ID.

We will charge the $13 fee directly to your student account. A replacement card costs $17.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) uses your student ID card photo to create your transit pass, the OPUS card.

You may submit an OPUS card request 24 hours after the university issues your student ID.

To qualify for an OPUS card, you must have a home address in Quebec saved in your Student Centre and you must be enrolled in full-time studies.

Full-time registration:

  • Undergraduate students (Bachelor’s, undergraduate certificates, and Independent): You must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits in the Fall and another 12 credits in the Winter to maintain your full-time status.
  • Master’s course-based students: You must register for a minimum of 9 credits in the Fall and another 9 credits in the Winter in order to maintain your full-time status. If your first term of studies is the Summer, you will be considered full-time as long as you are registered (number of credits is irrelevent).
  • Master’s thesis and Ph.D. students: Students in thesis-based master’s or doctoral degree programs are accepted as full or part-time students at the time of admission. These students are considered to be full or part-time according to their status at admission, regardless of the actual amount of credits for which they register. 

Note that wait-listed courses do not count towards enrolment.

The STM will mail your OPUS card to your home address.

To request an OPUS card, log into the Student Hub, then navigate to My CU Account > Student Centre > Student Services > Online OPUS Card Requests.

Follow the instructions and make a payment of $15 to the STM via the OPUS platform.

Another option: print an OPUS attestation letter (per the attestation letter instructions, specifying OPUS letter) and then take it to the STM photo studio at Berri-UQAM metro station. Note that you may need an appointment.

If you run into any problems, feel free to contact Birks staff. Reach us at 514-848-2424, ext. 2668, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or, email us at

Log onto “ConcordiaUniversity” WIFI using your Concordia netname and password as the WIFI username and password.

  • You must be a registered student to be able to connect to the WIFI.
  • You will be able to connect once your first semester begins.

To open a bank account, go to the “New Accounts” department at a bank. A bank employee will explain the different types of accounts and the costs and services associated with each type of account. It is a good idea to check with several banks to determine which bank offers the best account for your needs. In most banks, it is possible to open a bank account by showing your passport, your Concordia Letter of Admission or I.D. card, your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), and Study Permit. You will also be asked to show a copy of your apartment lease as proof of residency in Montreal.

There are a number of competing telephone companies that provide good mobile phoneplans. Explore your options and choose whichever suits your needs best. Here are some providers:

You can use PlanHub to compare phone plans and find the right one for you!

There is a number of competing internet providers, such as:

You can use PlanHub to compare internet plans.

Concordia Unviersity will use email to contact you. Please make sure that your emaill settings are not sending our emails to your junk or spam folder!

Remember that the emails you will receive from the University are important and time-sensitive.

If you would like to set up a Concordia University email account, please visit the Productivity Suite for instructions.

Contact IITS at if you need further assistance.

Depending on your country of origin, you may be able to use your current driver’s license in Québec. For more information, please contact the SAAQ (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec):

Place Dupuis, 850 De Maisonneuve Blvd East, M-­03
Call: 5­14 525-7332

If you haven't sorted out your housing yet, take a look at our Housing Options page.

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