Dr. Ivan Pustogarov, CIISE

Assistant Professor, Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada (2018-2021)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cornell University, USA (2015-2017)

PhD (2011), University of Luxembourg

Research Interests

  • Program Analysis
  • Fuzzing
  • Operating Systems Security
  • Embedded Systems Security
  • WiFi Security
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Cryptorcurrencies

Biography - summary

Ivan Pustogarov is an Assistant Professor at the Concordia Institute forInformation Systems Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal. He has a Ph.D.in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg (2015) in the area of Anonymity and Privacy. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto from 2018 to 2021 and at Cornell University from 2015 to 2017. His  research interests center around operating systems security, embedded systems security, program analysis, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptocurrencies

Teaching activities

Courses tought

SOEN 321-GG(5153) -- Sep 7, 2021-Dec 6, 2021

INSE 6120-WW(2564) -- Jan 6, 2022-Apr 13, 2022


Ivan Pustogarov, Qian Wu, and David Lie, Ex-vivo dynamic analysis framework for Android device drivers, IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2020.

He Shuang, Wei Huang, Pushkar Bettadpur, Lianying Zhao, Ivan Pustogarov and David Lie, Using inputs and context to verify user intentions in Internet services, In Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys), 2019.

Ivan Pustogarov, Thomas Ristenpart, Vitaly Shmatikov. Using Program Analysis to Synthesize Sensor Spoofing Attacks. Asia CCS 2017

Liang Wang, Ivan Pustogarov. Towards Better Understanding of Bitcoin Unreachable Peers. ArXiv e-print, https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.06837v1 2017

Ivan Pustogarov, Alex Biryukov. Bitcoin over Tor isn’t a good Idea. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P) 2015.

Ivan Pustogarov, Alex Biryukov. Proof-of-Work as Anony- mous Micropayment: Rewarding a Tor Relay, in Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC), 2015 January

Ivan Pustogarov, Dmitry Khovratovich, Alex Biryukov. Deanonymisation of Clients in Bitcoin P2P Network. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2014 (ACM CCS): 15-29

Ivan Pustogarov, Fabrice Thil, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, Alex Biryukov. Content and popularity analysis of Tor hidden services. 2014 IEEE 34th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops proceedings, 2014, June, Madrid, Spain.

Ivan Pustogarov, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, Alex Biryukov. Trawling for Tor Hidden Services: Detection, Measurement, Deanonymization. IEEE Sym- posium on Security and Privacy (S&P), May 2013, San-Francisco, USA.

Ivan Pustogarov, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, Alex Biryukov. TorScan: Tracing Long-Lived Connections and Differential Scanning Attacks. European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), September 2012, pp. 469-486, Piza, Greece.

A. Lyakhov, I. Pustogarov. Intra-flow interference study in IEEE 802.11s mesh networks. Mul- tiple Access Communications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2010, Volume 6235/2010, 127-138, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-15428-7 14

A. Lyakhov, I. Pustogarov, Alexander Safonov, Mikhail Yakimov. Starvation Effect Study in IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks. MeshTech”09 Third IEEE International Workshop on Enabling Technologies and Standards for Wireless Mesh Networking, October 12, 2009. Macau SAR, P.R. China

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