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Montreal, our home, is exceptional: with 170,000 university students, a vibrant cultural scene, and the most affordable tuition in Canada, the city always ranks as one of the best – if not the best – destinations in the world for postsecondary education. 

A city that values creative people

This is a city for artists. Montreal, and Quebec in general, believes in the power of the arts to change and enrich our society. The financial support given to artists in Quebec by all levels of government significantly exceeds arts funding in the rest of Canada. 

With over 600 museums, Montréal was the first metropolis to be designated a UNESCO City of Design by the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity. We are North America’s number one choice for international events, holding over 60 arts and culture festivals every year. 

Our arts communities are accessible and intimate

As an artist, you will find easy access to diverse cultures and many opportunities to find your way as a creative practitioner. The city plays host to a complex and intimate web of galleries, artist-run-centers and performance venues.  

As the largest institution for the study of fine arts in Quebec, we have strong working bonds with the city’s cultural institutions. Our alumni are active in every cultural industry in Montreal. We connect students to these networks through partnerships, internship programs, in-class studio visits and many curricular activities. 

Our Art Matters festival is the largest student-run festival in North America. Every March, it virtually takes over the city. 

Between a very proactive do-it-yourself culture and many open calls from artist-run centres — curating, exhibiting or performing your work is not a challenge in Montreal.

Living in Montreal

Montreal also offers you the all-important ability to maintain a balanced creative lifestyle.

Our city is affordable – that attracts both emerging and working artists. Spend less time trying to make rent and more time in your (affordable) studio developing your creativity and establishing a successful professional practice. 

Montreal ranks highly for quality-of-life. While we prioritize production and innovation, Montrealers work fewer hours and enjoy their leisure time. That means more hours in the day to consume arts and culture, to relax, recharge and reflect – integral elements to becoming a successful creative person.  

The city is walkable and lined with 700+ kilometers of bike paths. There are hundreds of parks, and even a few beaches, where you can exercise, take in a concert or relax with friends. Our terraced bars and restaurants and our after-hours scene has made us one of the best night-life cities in the world. 

While supporting a significant Anglophone population, Montréal is one of the world’s most biggest French-speaking cities. It’s hard not to catch our famous “joie de vivre.” 

There’s no better North American city for an artist to live in.

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