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Graduate student study space


Fine Arts graduate students can congregate in FB 630, a private lounge area with a large study space, a kitchenette, a conference room, a small meeting room and a privacy booth, as well a five research labs.

Students may use the privacy booth and small meeting room on a first-come, first-served basis. The conference room is equipped with a large screen and ways to connect to your own device. You can reserved the conference room either onsite or online.

The lockers in the space are available to everyone. You just need to provide your own padlock.

Access to the FB 630 spaces is managed through the Concordia Access Card system. You must be either a Fine Arts graduate student or associated with one of the research labs.

For new access card or to have the programming changed on an existing card, fill out this form.

You must already be registered with Fine Arts Academic and Research Facilities and you may be charged $20 by security when you pickup your new card. For now the Faculty will cover the cost of all new cards for Fine Arts graduate students. There is no charge to re-program an existing card.

To reserve the conference room while onsite, verify the availability of the room by checking the touch screen – if it’s green, click the “Use Now” button and add the amount of time you need in 30-minute blocks.

To book the conference room online, visit where you can schedule a reservation 90 days in advance, invite other people and sent out automatic meeting reminders.

If you finish your meeting early, click the “End” button on the touch screen to free up the room for other.

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