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FFAR 248 & FFAR 249

Interdisciplinarity across the Fine Arts

  • FFAR 248 | Keywords: Engaging Across Disciplines in the Fine Arts
  • FFAR 249 | Keywords: Working Across Disciplines in the Fine Arts

Each Keywords class (FFAR 248 and FFAR 249) gathers approximately 900 students from across all the Fine Arts disciplines to explore interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity in theory and practice. 

Both classes are aimed at first-year students, with FFAR 248 being a prerequisite for FFAR 249. In each class, we deepen our engagement with practices and methods in contemporary art and culture by working with keywords and concepts that shape practices and discussions across artistic disciplines. 

Keywords is radical in that we value interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity as core methods and practices for students to incorporate from the very beginning of their Fine Arts studies. While FFAR 248 focuses on developing a toolbox of core research, writing, and critical thinking skills, FFAR 249 allows students to put these skills to use in developing a final project of research-creation or curation.

Events & research

In the spring, we host a pop-up exhibition, showing 40–60 works-in-progress from a full range of Fine Arts disciplines. 

We also host and participate in research activities and events, such as our 2024 symposium on interdisciplinary writing in the Fine Arts.

Pedagogy training for grad students

Keywords offers a training ground for educators. The tutorials are facilitated by a team of twenty graduate students from across the Faculty of Fine Arts who are involved in a pedagogical training program.

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