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In all cases

  • Get as close to the ground as possible, protect your head and watch for flying debris.
  • A tornado is deceptive. It may appear to be standing still but is, in fact, moving toward you.

If you are in a house or high-rise building

  • If possible, go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room such as a bathroom, closet or hallway.
  • If you are on the upper floors of one of Concordia's larger buildings, protect yourself by taking shelter under a heavy table or desk.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • In all cases, stay away from windows, outside walls and doors.

If you are in a gymnasium, an arena, a chapel or an auditorium

  • Large buildings with wide-span roofs may collapse if a tornado hits.
  • If possible, find shelter in another building.
  • If you are in one of these buildings and cannot leave, take cover under a sturdy structure such as a table or desk.

General tips after a tornado

  • If possible, change into sturdy shoes and protective clothing before helping other in debris.
  • If you are inside, check the building for structural damage. If you suspect it is unsafe, leave and report the hazard to 514-848-3717.
  • Do not turn on any switches or light any burners unless you are sure that there isn't a gas leak in your area.
  • Do not shut any utilities unless they are damaged or leaking (natural gas leak smells like rotten eggs).
  • Do not go near loose or dangling power lines.

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