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A building evacuation can be initiated for several reasons; fire, gas leak, hazardous material release. In most cases, the fire alarm is utilized to evacuate a building. When the fire alarm is heard, it is a signal that an evacuation is necessary and you should

  1. Safely stop what you are doing.
  2. Gather your personal property that is near you.
  3. Leave the area closing doors and windows.
  4. Calmly leave the building utilizing the nearest emergency exit / stairwell.
  5. Once outside, move away from the building
  6. After an evacuation, do NOT re-enter the building until directer to do so by emergency personnel.

General tips about evacuations

  • Familiarize yourself with your surroundings prior to an evacuation order or fire alarm.
  • Locate the nearest :
    • emergency stairwell,
    • fire pull station, 
    • fire extinguisher and
    • emergency phone.
  • Avoid evacuating by elevator, escalator or using open staircases. Always follow illuminated evacuation signs.
  • Know that fire alarm bells always signifies an evacuation order.
  • If an emergency door fails to open, hold the door's exit bar for 15 seconds or pull the blue lever next to the door to release the door's magnet.

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