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Campus Safety and Prevention Services

Formerly known as Campus Security and Emergency Services

Campus Safety and Prevention Services

Formerly known as Campus Security and Emergency Services

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about video cameras on campus

Video surveillance is an important tool to keep our campus safe. It acts as a strong deterrent to crime and helps to gather evidence that allows Campus Safety and Prevention Services to investigate incidents.

What you should know about on-campus video surveillance:

Where are cameras located on campus?

Cameras are located in public spaces such as hallways, atriums, libraries, certain large venue spaces, and outside buildings.

Who has access to video camera footage?

Access to video images is strictly controlled and only certain Campus Safety and Prevention Services personnel can review images. The recorded images are managed according to provincial privacy legislation.

Can I access the video footage?

Anyone can request access to video recordings that have captured their image however under privacy legislation, images that have captured other people’s images or any identifying information must be protected. In other words, you can only view images that only concern yourself and no one else.

Where is the video footage stored?

Videos are stored in a variety of locations on secure hard drives.

How long is the video footage kept?

The amount of data, or duration of video footage stored, depends on the volume of data and the available space on a secure hard drive. A camera that captures lots of images creates lots of data and therefore the length of time varies as older images are continuously overwritten by newer images on the hard drive.

Is video footage data safe against hacking?

Yes, significant steps have been taken to protect the video surveillance infrastructure against unauthorized access.

How is the data destroyed?

Video images are destroyed in accordance with the procedures: after the retention period they are written over by new video.

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