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Becoming a first responder (CERT)

The Concordia Emergency Response Team (CERT) is made up of staff and student volunteers who assist during evacuations and other emergencies that may occur on campus.

There are no shifts or off-campus commitments.  Team members go about their regular activities on campus and only assume their CERT responsibility in the event of an emergency in their building.


The purpose of CERT is to assist Emergency Management personnel in the event of an emergency on campus. CERT volunteers are an integral part of the Concordia emergency response.


As a CERT member your primary duties will be during a building evacuation or for a Shelter in Place emergency. You may also be called upon for other emergencies such as first-aid or to support emergency operations during a disaster. 

During a building evacuation, duties may include:

  • Inform the people in your building that they must evacuate.
  • Direct them to the nearest emergency exit stairwells.
  • Verify that everyone has been evacuated and, if possible, close doors and windows.
  • Assist those who require help to the nearest exit.
  • Assist mobility impaired persons to evacuate using an Evac-Chair.
  • Assist other responders trying to contain a fire by using a portable fire extinguisher.
  • Report on the status of your assigned area.
  • Ensure building perimeters during emergencies.


Any faculty member, staff member, or student at Concordia University can register to be a CERT volunteer. CERT members must attend the 3 hour CERT orientation training session, followed by Fire Prevention Training and CPR/First Aid Training within 12 months of CERT training.


CERT members are only expected to respond if they are on campus and in the building implicated. Opportunities to assist in on-campus emergency preparedness activities are also available.


As a CERT volunteer, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • FREE CPR/First Aid training
  • Certificates of CERT, First Aid/CPR, and Fire Prevention Training
  • Letter of confirmation of voluntary services (by request)
  • CERT reference on your Co-curricular record
  • Access to Non-violent Crisis Intervention Training
  • 10% rebate on apparel at the Bookstore

I want to join CERT

To become a CERT member you must take the 3-hour CERT orientation training.  Once completed, you will be an active CERT member and start assisting during emergencies.  

You will then have 12 months to complete the two other mandatory training courses;  

  • First-Aid & CPR
  • Fire Prevention and Extinguisher Training.

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