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Reporting an incident

By Phone

For on campus emergencies, life-threatening situations, or crimes in progress, call 514-848-3717. If off campus, call 911. Non-emergency assistance and information is also available by calling 514-848-3717.

In Person

You may make a report at any security desks on campus.  Security desks are located in the following buildings;

  • SGW Campus: Hall, LB, EV, MB, GM, GN, FB and VA
  • Loyola Campus: SP, PC and AD


Campus Security provides online non-emergency incident report forms on this page. Report criminal or suspicious activity that has occurred on campus and is not currently in progress such as assault, theft, drugs, or vandalism.

Within 48 hours of submitting an online incident report, a Campus Security Officer will contact you to verify the report details and ask any question if necessary. Please provide proper contact information is to ensure that the report can be filed.

If the nature of the event is IT-related, such as unauthorzed use of your online accounts or loss of IT information, use the IT incident report form instead. Follow-up for IT-related incidents will be provided by IITS as required.

Anonymous Crime Reports

The online incident report may be submitted without personal information, as an anonymous tip. Please note, if you choose to remain anonymous, Campus Security officers will not be able to follow up with you if additional information is needed. Further, Campus security may not be able to take action related to a report if pertinent information is missing.

Sexual Violence Reporting

When a sex offense is committed, there are several reporting options available to survivors.  The Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) and the Office of Rights and Responsibilities (ORR) can provide guidance, resources and support to survivors. Campus Security will work closely with SARC and ORR to support survivors.  Additionally, external support organizations are available 24/7:

Montreal Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 514-933-9007

See a full list of emergency ressources by country.


Online reports are not official reports. This online report form is intended to facilitate the report process by providing campus security officers pertinent information about the incident in a timely manner.  Based on the information provided,  an official incident report, with a case number, will be prepared and submitted through the Campus Security reporting system.

Online Police Report

If you have been victime of a theft, mischief, vandalism or graffiti, you can fill out an online police report with the Montreal Police. 

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