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Safety checks

Checkmate is our safety check program.

Checkmate is an automated telephone safety check system that calls you or sends text messages to you every hour when you are working alone after hours. 

Once you have registered at a Protection and Prevention desk or on this page, you will receive your first check in call or text within 5 minutes of subscribing and every hour until the selected end time. You will receive your last safety check 15 minutes prior to the time you requested the safety checks to stop.

Responding to safety checks

When receiving the safety check by text message, simply reply to the text with your current location; i.e. EV 1.404

If you receive an automated voice call, simply press 1 to confirm that you are ok and say your current location when prompted by the system. 

The location you provide will be used by security agents to physically check in on you should you miss a check.

If I miss a safety check

If you miss a safety check by text, you will receive an automated voice call on your cell phone. If you miss the voice call, a security agent will be sent to your last recorded location to make sure that you are ok.

If you miss a safety check by call, checkmate will try again. After 3 unanswered calls, a security agent will be sent to your last recorded location to make sure that you are OK.

To stop the safety checks

The safety checks will automatically stop at the time you entered for them to stop.  If you want to end them earlier;

  • For text message: reply “off” to the most recent safety check text that you received.   
  • For voice calls: call Campus Safety and Prevention Services to have the safety checks ended.

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