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How do I report an emergency

Call Campus Safety and Prevention Services before you call 911

Given that Concordia has two campuses and more than 70 different buildings and civic addresses, it is recommended that you call Campus Safety and Prevention Services prior to calling 911. 

How to call Campus Safety and Prevention Services

  • Internal phones: Dial 3717
  • External phones: dial 514-848-3717
  • Yellow Emergency phones: located in several locations on campus. Simply press the button to be connected with Campus Safety and Prevention Services. 
  • Red Fire Phones : located in most high rise buildings, usually near emergency exits. In an emergency, break the glass and lift the receiver to be connected with Campus Safety and Prevention Services.

Security agents are trained to respond to a variety of emergencies and can provide assistance quickly, often responding within minutes of your call.

If the incident requires Emergency Services, such as ambulance, police or fire department, Campus Safety and Prevention Services will connect you directly with a 911 operator to ensure a coordinated and efficient response. Security agents will respond to the location of the emergency and have agents waiting for responding emergency services to escort them to the exact location of the emergency, saving valuable time.

When reporting an emergency

  • Call from a safe location.
  • Remain calm.
  • Be prepared to give as much information about the emergency as you can (what the emergency is, where it is, if there are injuries and how serious, etc.)
  • The dispatcher will ask questions and/or connect you with Emergency Services (911) so do not hang up until you are told to do so. The dispatcher may also give you instructions.

Medical emergencies

In the event of a serious or life threatening injury or illness:

  1. Call Campus Safety and Prevention Services immediately at 514-848-3717 or 3717
  2. Ensure your personal safety before attempting first aid.
  3. Provide the victim with appropriate first-aid and comforting.
  4. Do not give the victim anything to drink or eat.

If the injury is the result of a fall or significant trauma, do not move the victim unless absolutely necessary.

Security agents are trained and equipped with life saving devices, such as defibrillators (AEDs) and oxygen and are able to respond in only a few minutes.

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