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Campus Safety and Prevention Services

Formerly known as Campus Security and Emergency Services

Campus Safety and Prevention Services

Formerly known as Campus Security and Emergency Services

Evacuation for persons with reduced mobility

For the purpose of an emergency evacuation, any person who is unable to ascend or descend a flight of stairs without considerable effort or who may slow other occupants that are attempting to evacuate, is considered mobility impaired. 

In most cases, there is no immediate danger during a fire alarm and evacuation. To avoid unnecessary risk and possible injury, it is safer for a mobility impaired person to remain near an emergency exit instead of attempting to descend several flights of stairs.

Concordia's emergency responders and security agents are trained to stay with mobility impaired persons, on the floor on which they are found, near an emergency stairwell. Only if necessary will emergency responders and/or security agents proceed to evacuate a mobility impaired person via the stairwell or, when possible, the elevators.

During a fire alarm:

If you are mobility impared or if you are a CERT member assisting a person with reduced mobility:
  1. Proceed to the nearest, identified emergency stairwells; do not use elevators or escalators.
  2. Await the assistance from emergency responders, Campus Safety or other volunteers.
  3. Call Campus Safety and Prevention Services at 514-848-3717 or use an emergency phone or red, firefighter phone located next to the emergency stairwell to alert Campus Safety to your location; someone will be sent to your location. 
  4. In the presence of smoke or other danger, move inside the stairwell, ensure the door is closed behind you.

Most emergency stairwells are pressurized and equipped with fire-resistant doors that keep smoke and fire out of the stairwell.

If it becomes necessary to evacuate:

  • Communicate your need to evacuate with first responders and maintain communication until help arrives. 
  • When possible, the building elevator will be used or if necessary, a specially designed Evac-Chair will be used.
  • Security agents and CERT members are trained in the use of Evac-chairs to ensure your safety.
  • Using a standard wheelchair or carrying someone are not recommended methods.

Be prepared:

Watch the Evac-Chair promotional video to see how the chair functions. You may also register for training concerning emergencies and the mobilitity impaired for on-site training on emergency procedures, the use of Evac-Chairs and using building firefighter phones.

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