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All students are required to do elective credits — courses that are not a part of your program of study. What those are, and from where they come, will depend on such things as your degree, program or faculty.

Below, students can find a list of courses that are open to all students (no prerequisites — unless stated — and no restrictions).

Students may also choose to organize their elective credits based on a thematic selective group of courses (there may be prerequisites and restrictions).

The Faculty of Arts and Science’s Elective Groups, are open to all students.

Arts & Science


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics




No Courses

Études françaises

Geography, Planning and Environment

Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology


No Courses

Irish Studies


Liberal Arts College

No Courses

Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability

Mathematics and Statistics

  • MAST 217 B (Winter) Introduction to Mathematical Thinking


PHIL 201 B (Winter)

PHIL 210 EC (Summer, Fall)

PHIL 214 A (Fall)

PHIL 220 B (Winter) 

PHIL 235 EC (Fall, Winter)

PHIL 236 A (Fall)

PHIL 266 EC (Fall, Winter)

PHIL 275 B (Winter) 

PHIL 298 A (Fall)

PHIL 298 B (Winter)

PHIL 387 B (Winter)


Political Science


Religions and Cultures

Science College

Sociology and Anthropology



Interdisciplinary courses

INTE 398/INOV 300 AA (Fall)

INTE 296 EC (Winter)

INTE 298 AA (Winter)

Fine Arts

DANC 260 A (Fall)

DANC 302 A (Fall)

DANC 398 D (Fall)

DANC 398 G (Fall) 

DANCE 402 A (Fall)

DANC 211 A (Winter)

DANC 303 A (Winter)

DANC 398 D (Winter 

DANCE 398 G (Winter)

DANC 403 A (Winter)

EAST 398 AA (Winter)

FMST 200 AA (Fall/Winter) 

JAZZ 200 A (Fall/Winter)

JAZZ 209 A (Fall)

JAZZ 210 A (Winter)

JAZZ 398 A (Winter) 

JHIS 314 A (Fall)

JHIS 398 A (Winter)

JPER 330 A (Fall/Winter)

MHIS 203 A (Fall) 

MHIS 204 A (Winter)

MHIS 314 A (Fall)

MHIS 398 A (Fall)

MHIS 398 A (Winter) 

MHIS 398 B (Winter)

MPER 201 AA (Fall/Winter)

MPER 233 51 (Fall/Winter)  

MPER 234 A (Fall/Winter)

MPER 298 AA (Fall/Winter)

MUSI 201 A (Fall)

MUSI 211 A (Fall) 

MUSI 251 A (Fall)

MUSI 252 A (Winter)

MUSI 366 A (Fall)

MUSI 367 A (Winter) 

MUSI 398 A (Winter)

John Molson School of Business

ACCO 220 AA (Winter)

ACCO 230 A (Fall)

ACCO 230 AA (Fall)

ACCO 230 BB (Winter) 

FINA 200 EC1 (Summer)

FINA 200 EC2 (Summer)

FINA 200 EC (Fall)

FINA 200 EC (Winter) 

FINA 210 (All sections)

FINA 230 EC1 (Summer)

FINA 230 EC2 (Summer)

FINA 230 EC (Fall)

FINA 230 EC (Winter) 

MANA 201 AA (Fall)

MANA 202 BB (Winter)

MANA 202 AA (Fall)

MANA 202 BB (Winter) 

MANA 298 A (Fall)

MANA 298 AA (Winter)

MARK 201 (All sections)

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