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Professor Erin Gee

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

ERIN GEE is a Montreal-based artist and composer who explores human voices in electronic bodies, re-locating boundaries of musical form through technological interfaces. Her work in emotion-driven musical robotics, algorithmic music performance, interactive sonic sculpture/scores and digitally-inspired musical compositions have been recently presented at device_art festival, Croatia (2015), University of Toronto Art Center (2015), Trinity Square Video, Toronto (2015), Musée d'art contemporain de Montreal (2015), and Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters, Montreal (2014). Her work has been reviewed in Scientific American, VICE, National Post, and La Presse. Gee has published work in Leonardo Music (2013) as well as eContact! Journal of Canadian electroacoustic community. Gee is the creator of futurefemmes, an online blog archived by Cornell University featuring interviews, showcased work and links to relevant articles on the topic of women working in technological culture.

Teaching activities

Teaching Activities

ARTX 280 Introduction to Studio Practice
COMS 562 Diploma Sound
COMS 276 Sound I
COMS 355 New Media and Technology
COMS 472 Gender and Technology
COMS 410 Acoustic Design

Various courses on Max/MSP, Arduino and electronics in artist-run centres

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