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Final exam regulations

Final examinations at the university level follow strict rules and procedures. You must be familiar with these regulations to succeed in your final exams. Be prepared and you will avoid unnecessary frustration and stress.

If you break any rules you can be charged under the Academic Code of Conduct, fail the course and have the infraction noted on your student record. Please review the types of offenses under the code.

Writing final exams on campus

Plan to show up on time for your exam. You can confirm where your exam is taking place via the Student Hub. Log into the Student Hub with your netname, select “My CU Account”, select “Academic” and then “View exam schedule.”

What to bring

  • An official piece of photo identification. If you don’t have a student ID card, bring any government-issued ID, like a driver’s license or a healthcare card.
  • Your own materials for writing the exam (pens, pencils, etc.). Sharing is prohibited.
  • A thick sweater, if you wish. You may not wear your jacket during your final exam.
  • Your own tissues.

What is not permitted

  • Consuming food or drinks is not permitted during the exam.
  • Hats are not allowed, with the exceptions of religious head-coverings.
  • Electronic devices (cellular/smart phones, smart watches, etc) are NOT permitted inside the exam room. 
  • With the exception of going to the bathroom, students are not permitted to leave the exam room for other reasons (e.g. to pay for parking)

On arrival

Please form an orderly line outside the exam room so the invigilator can confirm your attendance. Once inside the room, wait your turn (only two to three students at a time) to place your belongings at the front of the room and then take your seat. Keep your mask on.

Once you finish writing your exam

Please raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to call you to the podium to submit your exam and then collect your belongings (only two to three students at a time).


Contact the Exams Office at

Be sure to review all the Final Examination Regulations in section 16.3.7 in the undergraduate calendar. 

  • You must present identification in order to write any examination. Bring your Concordia ID card or photo and signature-bearing Medicare card or driver’s license.
  • Double-check your exam day and time — you’ll find your exam schedule by logging in to the Student Hub with your netname and going to My CU Account > Academic > View exam schedule.
  • You will only be admitted to the exam room if your name appears on the roster of students assigned to write in that room. Before going to your exam, double-check the:
    • Course name
    • Course number and section (e.g.: MATH 203/2 A) 
    • Room number you are assigned. If we hold the exam in multiple rooms go to the room assigned to the first letter of your last name
If you do not follow these instructions and regulations, you may forfeit the examination.

  • Arrive for your exam in advance.
    • You may not enter an examination room after the first third of the examination has elapsed.
    • You may not leave before the first third of the examination has elapsed.
  • You will be assigned a specific desk/seat location.
  • You must present your student ID card to write your final examination and place it on the top left-hand corner of the desk. Invigilators will collect it when you sign in and return it when you sign-out.
    • A government-issued, photo and signature-bearing Medicare card or driver’s license is an acceptable form or identification.
  • Follow the invigilators/supervisors instructions.
  • Actively listen and read instructions that are written in exam booklets and seat cards.  If you fail to do so, you can get into serious problems.
  • You must not tear or mutilate the examination booklet in any way and must remain in the examination room.
  • Use the blank pages on the left-hand side of the booklet for any rough work you need to complete; you may not bring scrap paper into the exam.
  • You may not bring food or drinks to your exam.
  • You may not smoke during examinations.
  • You may not leave the exam room during the last 15 minutes.

If you do not follow these instructions and regulations, you may forfeit the examination.

You may not bring communication devices into the examination. If you are caught with a cell phone or any communication device during an exam you will be charged with an offence under the Academic Code of Conduct. These devices include but are not limited to:

  • Cell phones and smart phones such as iPhones, Android devices or Blackberries
  • Smart watches
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices (such as earplugs and headphones)
  • Spy glasses, spy cameras, spy pens
  • iPads, Android tablets, Pagers, PDAs, iPods, MP3 players

You should not bring supplemental materials or devices into the exam unless they are expressly authorized in the exam’s instructions. You must leave personal belongings, including materials, devices and backpacks, at the front or rear of the examination room. Small purses must be placed under the your chair. Prohibited devices and materials include but are not limited to:

  • Briefcases
  • Textbooks
  • Notes and other papers
  • Reference books of tables
  • Graphs
    ...and so on
If you do not follow these instructions and regulations, you may forfeit the examination.

If you become seriously ill during your final exam:

  • Report it to the invigilator in the room.
  • Hand in your unfinished exam.
  • Go to the Temporary Examinations Office location in the building. University officials will explain your options.
  • If you decide to cancel your exam, take the appropriate forms with you to the hospital the same day of your exam. You will need medical documentation when you request to write your exam at a later date (exam deferral).
  • If you decide to continue the exam, you must be aware that the grade obtained in the course must stand. Once any exam has been completed, petitions to rewrite or defer on the grounds of illness will not be considered.
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