Final examination invigilator

The Exams office offers invigilation positions to graduate students, or other interested parties who are not current undergraduate students.


The primary purpose of the exam invigilator is to ensure the integrity of the examination exercise as specified in Concordia University’s Academic Code of Conduct.


The exam invigilator is the primary contact for students in the exam room and is responsible for administering all aspects of the examination. He/she is required to adhere to the instructions for each individual exam as presented by the professor and ensure that students understand and comply with those instructions.

Invigilators report instances of offences committed by students under the Academic Code of Conduct during an examination including cheating, falsification of documents or other dishonest behavior; distribute and collect exam documents; monitor the class while the exam is in session; accompany students who need to leave the classroom for any reason once the exam is underway, including accompanying students to the restroom; act as the point of first contact for students and faculty who may have a problem in the exam room and escalate issues as appropriate to the Supervisor. Specific duties are further outlined in the orientation/ training session.


The invigilator is charged with upholding the university’s academic code of conduct and therefore must formally report all instances of cheating or dishonest behaviour during the final examination period. The invigilator will ensure that all exam-related paperwork and processes (such as incident reports) are completed during and by the end of each shift. He/she ensures the security of examinations documents.

Judgment and Autonomy

The exam invigilator will have limited autonomy and exercise judgment within a restricted scope of activity. Any aspect of the exam invigilation process that falls outside the limited scope must be brought to the Supervisor, the Supervisor will inform the Examination Coordinator.

Reporting Structure

The Exam Invigilator reports directly to the Supervisor.

Invigilation positions

Invigilation positions are offered to graduate students, and other interested parties who are not current undergraduate students.

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