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Summary for 2021

MBA Case Competition Committee (MBACCC)

For the MBA Case Competition Committee (MBACCC), 2021 continued to present unique challenges and opportunities. COVID-19 had required the MBACCC, like many organizations, to upheave its operations and processes from previous years. The aim for 2021 was to extend a feeling of community to the rest of the MBA program while maintaining the case competition culture. To achieve this, the MBACCC focused on maintaining its high level of participation, adapted its learning platforms to virtual environments, found new events to attend, offered more small group personalized sessions and new ways to support our students .

The MBACCC quickly and successfully pivoted and adapted its in-person events to a virtual format, and ultimately built closer communication channels with both the incoming and returning cohorts to successfully execute events. This hard work paid off and the MBACCC achieved stellar results at MBA competitions.

John Molson Competition Committee (JMCC)

For the 2021 calendar year, the John Molson Competition Committee demonstrated the dedication and resilience of our students. As with most of competition programs internationally, our competitions and operations were impacted by COVID-19. Students needed to adapt to an online format and to constantly changing demands. We shifted to a completely virtual recruitment approach, which totalled 100 hours of tryouts, to form a delegation of 160 students. JMCC also benefited by the support of 104 coaches, 20 executives and 2200+ volunteer hours. This past year also saw the creation of a virtual classroom and case preparation platform. Creative solutions and initiatives were implemented to work with sponsors and to train and compete internationally. Some of these consisted of mandatory training on diversity and inclusion, skills workshops, and creating sustainable gear for our students to represent the university. In addition, the JMCC Bursary Fund was founded, providing 121 bursaries for students who do not have the means to compete. Despite the constant shift in deliverables, our students exceeded all our expectations by not only adapting to the everchanging needs of competitions, but by having a phenomenal year.

This dedication proved to be very fruitful. In fact, 2020/2021 was one of the best years the committee has dad to date in terms of podium and academic accolades. We attended 17 competitions and reached the podium 52 times. This is a true testament to the strength and the caliber of our students.

2021-2022 MBA Case Competition results

IBECC - The International Business Ethics Competition

April 20-22, 2022


10 minute presentation - 1st place
90 second presentation - 1st place
30 minute presentation - NA

Team: Bethea Clarke, Marco Scanlan, Alex Wells, Dylan Pearson 

SFU Net Impact Challenge

April 8, 2022

Sustainability - Net Impact - 3rd place

Team: Lisa Malachowski, Mehul Bawa, Pratik Gardare and Xavier Alvarez

Schulich Global Case Competition

March 27, 2022

Strategy - 2nd place

Team: Shanil Panchamia, Didier Chen, Jesse Periodica and Shaurya Talwar

A4S International Case Competition

March 19, 2022

CSR - 1st place

Team: Laura Fraticelli, Shun Guo, Lorenze Dsouza, Raul Braganza

The HEC CSR Challenge 

March 19, 2022

CSR - 1st place

Team: Aravindhan Balasubramanian, Aditya Chaubey, Rahul Ramachandran and Suresh Naidu Balaji

WILA Reimagining Women in Leadership 

March 5, 2022

Digital Currency/Women in Leadership

Team: Aswin Thiru Puram, Bharti Krishna, Sraddha Manda, and Costa Sanoudakis

NICC (Leeds/Boulder)  

March 5, 2022

Sustainability - Advanced to round 2 semi-finals

Team: Bethea Clarke, Marco Scanlan, Anastasia Baikouskaya and Julien Abdo

MBA International Case Competition  

January 3-8, 2022


Team: Bethea Clarke, Julien Abdo, Patrick Boire Schwab, Alex Wells 

Deloitte Impact Case Competition    

November 26, 2021

1st and 2nd 

Team: Inter-Mixed teams with the other 3 Quebec Universities

1st Place - Min Zhang, 2nd Place - Aravindhan Balasubramanian

KGP PMI Case Competition     

November 21, 2021

Project Management  

Team 1: Bethea Clarke, Marco Scanlan, Khalil Guliwala, Ali Shahzad 
Team 2: Min Zhang, Thanh Nguyen, Amr Eid, Muhammad Aazem

DeGroote Innovations Solutions Competition     

November 13-14, 2021

Strategy/Technology - 3rd place  

Team: Aswin Thiru Puram, Bharti Krishna, Aravindhan Balasubramanian Sudha and Sraddha Manda

Creative Shock      

September 27-October 10, 2021

Strategy - 41st (out of 155)  

7 John Molson teams participated - Final standings: 41, 51, 58, 60, 62, 100, 121

2021 MBA Games Competition

4th place Strategy Stream

6th place overall in Academics

McGill Retail Innovation Competition

1st place

(McGill University)

Creative Shock

10th (out of 290)

(ISM University of Management and Economics)

DeGroote Innovations Solutions Competition

3rd place

Team: Aswin Thiru Puram, Bharti Krishna, Aravindhan Balasubramanian Sudha and Sraddha Manda 

(DeGroote School of Business )

Canadian Marketing League

Top 24 (out of 206)

(DeGroote School of Business)
Anusan Anandan, Pamela Psihogios, Karine Paradis and Debajyoti Saha Second place finish for Anusan Anandan, Pamela Psihogios, Debajyoti Saha and Karine Paradis at Telfer.

Telfer Diversity and Inclusion MBA Case Competition

2nd (out of 10)

(University of Ottawa, Telfer School of Business)
Hirak Chakraborty,  Bethea Clarke,  Rabeet A. Rao and Sai Praveen Gudichuttu Sixth place overall finish for Hirak Chakraborty, Bethea Clarke, Sai Praveen Gudichuttu, and Rabeet A. Rao at HEC.

The HEC CSR Challenge

6th (out of 32)


A4S International Case Competition

Team advanced to second round

(Rotman School of Management)

2020 Creative Shock Competition

10th place

(out of 290 international teams)

2020 McGill Retail Innovation Competition

1st place

(3 Divisions with individual winners in each group)

2019 Telfer Diversity Competition

2nd place

2019 HEC Sustainability Competition

1st and 2nd place

Winners of 2019 HEC Sustainability Competition
2nd place team in 2019 HEC Sustainability Competition

2019 A4S Rotman Competition

1st and 3rd place

2018 Bell Case Competition

1st place

(3 Divisions with individual winners in each group)

2018 East vs WEST Competition

1st place

(Hosted at the University of Calgary)

2018 WILA Case Competition

1st place

 (Hosted at Ryerson)

2018 Haskayne 24Hour Challenger

2nd place

(Hosted at University of Calgary)

2017 DeGroote Case Competition

3rd and 4th place

(Hosted at McMaster University)

2017 Telfer Diversity and Inclusion Case Competition

3rd place

(Telfer University)

2017 Haskayne 24hour Epic Challenge Case Competition

Advanced to the finals

2017 Family Enterprise Case Competition

2nd place

(University of Vermont)

2016 DeGroote Case Competition

1st place

(McMaster University)

2016 KGP Project Management Competition

3rd place

2016 NUS Case Competition

3rd place

(National University of Singapore)

2016 Family Enterprise Case Competition

2nd place

 (University of Vermont)

2015 DeGroote Case Competition

2nd place

(McMaster University)

Undergraduate Case Competition results

Dalhousie Ethics in Action Case Competition

2nd place

(Dalhousie online)

HR Symposium 

1st place: HR Mandate, HR Marketing, HR Management

3rd place: Crisis Management

Overall : 3rd place

Rotterdam/Carleton International Case Competition  

1st place

(ROCA online)

University of Munster Challenge 

Second place in their division 

(University of Munster, online)

Collegiate Ethics Case Competition 

Sara Cholmsky and Dylan Ross placed 1st overall

(Eller College of Management, University of Arizona)


(Chulalongkorn University)


2nd in division for 5-hour case

(Maastricht University)


1st place for 5-hour case in division, advanced to finals, 2nd place for 24-hour case in division

(Corvinus University)

Scotiabank International

(Ivey School of Business, Western University)


1st in division, advanced to finals

(John Molson School of Business)

Happening Marketing

2nd place overall

1st place in Strategy, 1st place in Quiz, 1st place in Social, 2nd place in Contract, 2nd place in Participation, 3rd place Numerical

HR Symposium

1st place overall

1st place Human Resource Management; 1st place Contribution, 2nd place HR mandate; 2nd place Crisis management; 3rd place Quiz

Financial Open

1st place overall

1st place Tax; 1st place Managerial Accounting; 1st place Coordinator of the year; 2nd place Market Finance; 2nd place Corporate FInance; 2nd place CFA Ethics; 2nd place Surprise case; 2nd place Professionalism; 3rd place Personal Finance; 3rd place Stock Simulation
(HEC Montreal)


3rd place School of the Year

1st place Charity hours; 1st place International Business; 2nd place Accounting; 2nd place Digital Strategy; 2nd place Consulting Project; 3rd place Finance


(Queen's University)


1st overall in the Academic Cup, 1st place International Business

2nd place 24-hour; 2nd place Strategy; 2nd place Finance; 2nd place Marketing; 2nd place Human Resources; 2nd place Surprise; 3rd place MIS; 3rd place Participation


1st place Facilicom case



3rd place overall; 1st place in their division

(University of Arizona)


2nd place in their division

(University of Munster)


3rd place in their division for short case; 4th place in their division for 24-hour case

(Wilfred Laurier University)
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