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Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research


Communication is the bedrock of business

Corporations communicate on a daily basis, be it with their shareholders, employees, customers or members of the general public.

The Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research advances knowledge about how corporations communicate and about how they can communicate better.

The Centre supports research in communications, promotes graduate students at Concordia University, provides knowledge to the communication professionals and offers an interface between researchers and communication professionals.


  • Lawrence Kryzanowski from JMSB's Department of Finance was awarded $8,000 for his research on "Communication skills of mutual funds: Evidence of media coverage and fund flows and performance"

  • Ming Li from the Department of Economics at Concordia's Faculty of Arts and Science was awarded $8,000 for his research on "Strategic communication and group formation"

  • Azadeh Babaghaderi, a PhD student in finace at JMSB, was awarded the $17,500 Doctoral Fellowship for her research on " Voluntary disclosure, sentiment analysis, and the outcome of corporate spin-offs: An examination of conference calls"

  • Samara Crawford, a John Molson MBA, was granted the $1,000 MBA Course-Based Project Award for her research paper on "  Environmental sustainability in business and the implications of greenwashing"

  • Gunes Ekin Umucu, an MSc in Finance student at JMSB, was granted a $5,000 MSc Thesis Award for his research on "Effects of climate risks on options of food companies and climate risk pricing in option markets"

  • Sam Sinz, an MSc in Management student at JMSB, was granted a $5,000 MSc Thesis Award for his research on " Informal communications among coworkers: effects on group cohesion and performance"

  • Ana Conides, an MSc student in Management at JMSB, was awarded the $500 Luc Beauregard prize at the Annual Graduate Research Exposition (AGRE) for her poster on "The effects of leadership on employee attitudes, behaviors, and well-being" 

Blog post

Jan 10: Rethinking Responsibility: What are the Roles of Agents and Structures?

On December 6 and 7 2018, we welcomed researchers to our first conference on responsibility (called “Rethinking Responsibility: Agents and Structures”) at Concordia University. The researcher came from Canada, the US, Europe and Africa; they studied business, ethics, geography, labor, law, sociology and philosophy.

Oct 12: Benefits from investor relations are highest in countries without a shareholder tradition

This Friday, the Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research welcomed Professor François Brochet from Boston University who presented a study on investor relations (IR).

Oct 5: Sexual harassment and how we talk about it in organizations

Today, the Luc Beauregard Centre for Excellence in Communications Research at Concordia University welcomed Professor Debbie Dougherty from the University of Missouri, who gave a fascinating talk about sexual harassment in organizations and about the role of communication in sexual harassment.

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