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Executive Committee

Anne-Marie Croteau

Dean, John Molson School of Business
See Anne-Marie Croteau's faculty profile

Sandra Betton

Associate Dean, Professional Graduate Programs
See Sandra Betton's faculty profile

Cédric Lesage

Associate Dean, Research and Research Programs
See Cédric Lesage's faculty profile

Alexandra Panaccio

Associate Dean, Accreditation and Faculty Relations
See Alexandra Panaccio's faculty profile

Jooseop Lim

Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs/Undergraduate Programs
See Jooseop Lim's faculty profile

Matthaus Tekathen

Chair, Department of Accountancy
See Matthaus Tekathen's faculty profile

Seth M Spain

Chair, Department of Management
See Seth M Spain's faculty profile

Darlene Walsh

Chair, Department of Marketing
See Darlene Walsh's faculty profile

Rustam Vahidov

Chair, Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
See Rustam Vahidov's faculty profile
Headshot of Anna Martini who is the Chief Executive Officer, Psycho Bunny

Erkan Yonder

Chair, Department of Finance
See Erkan Yonder's faculty profile
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