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Deadline for applications: Monday, March 4

Since 1972, the Brucebo Fine Art Scholarship Foundation of Gotland, Sweden (BFAS) has offered a fine art residency / scholarship to a younger, talented Canadian artist, traditionally a painter, thus providing an inspiring study/work stay in northern Europe on the island of Gotland, located in the Baltic Sea.

About the residency and scholarship

The Brucebo funds a three months’ working residency – starting around June 20th – at the Brucebo studio cottage in the Själsö fishing village, 7 km north of the Hanseatic and Medieval City of Visby. The scholarship includes the use of the studio cottage, and a stipend of approx. $7,500 CAD that covers travel expenses from Canada – Gotland (return). The scholar now also has the opportunity to extend their stay until October 1. Upon leaving the island, the artist is requested to donate an artwork made during their summer residency with the Canadian Collection at the Brucebo museum.

The William Blair Bruce Travel Scholarship provides approx. $5,000 CAD for a European research sejour, to be undertaken within the next year. The tour is based on an approved Fine Art-related investigative project. As a final part of the ‘travel scholarship’ the recipient must visit Visby via Stockholm. While in Visby, she/he will give a public lecture sponsored by the Foundation on the investigative theme pursued during her/his recent European travel.

Application & eligibility

As of 2020, the Brucebo scholarships have been endowed to Concordia University.

Deadline for applications: Monday, March 4. The scholarships are administered by Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Art, the Office of the Associate Dean of Research, Montreal and the Chair of the Brucebo Fine Art Evaluation Committee.

The Scholarships shall be granted through competition, based on academic merit, to full-time students pursuing a Master of /Magisteriate or Doctor / Doctorate (PhD) degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at Concordia University nearing the completion of their degrees. Degree holders include those with a research-creation studio-based practice, including MA, MFA, MDes, as well as the MA/PhD Individualized Program (INDI) and the Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Program (HUMA), with a primary supervisor in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Performance-based art practices are not eligible for consideration unless they are undertaken within the context of contemporary visual arts practices and form a minority of the applicant’s practice. The Scholarships are open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents only. The Scholarships are not renewable.

Application forms

Visit the Brucebo Fine Art Scholarship Website

For more detailed information about the Brucebo Fine Art Scholarship Foundation, its history, past recipients and more, visit the official website.

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