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Visiting the Faculty of Fine Arts

If you are not a Concordia student but you want to join us in the Faculty of Fine Arts, we don't blame you: Concordia is recognized worldwide as one of the top places to study the fine arts, and is nestled in one of the best cities for students. Whether you want to come here for one or two terms, we have options for you to spend time with us.  

Exchange students to the Faculty of Fine Arts

For application and partnerships information, please visit Concordia's International web page.

Consult the portfolio information below.

Other visitors to Fine Arts

All visitors whose home institutions are not part of an exchange program may attend Concordia for one semester or one academic year by obtaining a letter of permission from their school.

Portfolio for Fine Arts students

All students who wish to take studio- or performance-based courses must provide a web-based portfolio (please use simple navigation with no passwords or profiles that would need to be created by the viewer) of current creative work. The work must relate to the types of courses (studio/performance) you would like to take. If the work is collaborative, please indicate your role in the production.

Visitors are responsible for paying Concordia tuition fees.

For information about application to the Faculty of Fine Arts, contact

To obtain portfolio preparation details, follow the portfolio instructions for the program that interests you.

Please note the following programs/courses are not available to visiting students:

  • Film Production program and courses
  • Music Private Study courses
  • Independent Study courses
  • Professional Internship
  • ACTT classes (with the exception of ACTT 201 and 202)
  • FFAR 248 and FFAR 249
  • CART 253
  • FMST 450

Students interested in the Contemporary Dance program at 2nd and 3rd year of study will be required to register concurrently for the following courses:

  1. technique
  2. creative process
  3. choreography

Students must submit a video portfolio and a respond to the departmental questionnaire. No independent study projects are accepted.

All other Fine Arts courses, and especially studio-based courses, offer limited access. It is recommended that students consider a full year of study in the Faculty of Fine Arts due to the structure of the course offerings.

Students interested in taking courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts should note that many courses will charge a lab fee which is not covered by the tuition waiver.

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