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How the strategic planning process unfolded

June 2021

Action: Deans & Chairs began discussions on process
Outcome: Feedback and transparency on process and potential outcomes

Sept - Nov 2021

Action: Department Councils visits, Faculty Council discussions, townhall and individual conversations. Strategic planning became a recurrent agenda item at Faculty Council

Outcome: Feedback and transparency on process and potential outcomes; initial information gathering phase

Nov 2021

Action: Called for nominations (including self-nominations) for the Strategic Plan Committee

Outcome: Recruited committee members, so that the committee would be constituted for January 2022

November - December 2021

Action: Questionnaire sent out to the community (pre-consultation on Concordia’s strategic directions and current research, teaching, community and other objectives, priorities and concerns)

Outcome: Initial information gathering phase. Created a word/concept visualisation to be shared with the community in January 2022

December 2021 - January 2022

Action: Field analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)

Outcome: Concrete assessment of FoFA’s position and potential. Results shared with the community in January

January 2022

Action: A strategic plan draft was prepared by the Dean’s office, drawing on preliminary discussions, the questionnaire results and the field analysis. It was shared in January, along with supporting documents

Outcome: This document will serve as the basis for Winter 2022 consultation

January - April 2022

Action: Consultation that involved faculty, staff and students (world cafés, idea labs and survey)

Outcome: Gathered feedback on strategic plan draft and developed new ideas to contribute to the plan

  • Anonymous survey: Understanding that asynchronous participation may be what is most convenient for you, we launched a survey-style consultation, active from March 15th - March 28th.

April 2022

Action: Strategic Plan Committee interpreted and developed strategic plan (during a facilitated retreat—three half days)

Outcome: Interpretation, collectively set strategic goals, drafted plan

Summer 2022

Action: Small group and individual feedback; Revisions and design

Outcome: Testing intelligibility and feedback; Final document produced

Fall 2022

Action 1: Strategic plan launch, presentation to FoFA community (starting with Deans & Chairs and Faculty Council)
Outcome: Information, connecting outcomes to process, calls to action

Action 2: Invitation to all FoFA units (departments, research units, CDA, CTLs, VCR, FoFA Gallery, etc.) to develop action plans
Outcome: Leverage and implementation


Action: Review of goals, actions and progress indicators or benchmarks
Outcome: Calibration and accountability

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