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The legal oracle

Nicole Brennig, BA 00
By Jasmin Legatos

50 under 50: Corporate leadership

As a partner at the global law firm DLA Piper in Austin, TX, Nicole Brennig represents some of the world’s largest institutions in their investment dealings: endowments, pension plans and insurance.

“I feel more like a business advisor than a legal advisor. We see so many agreements that we really understand the market and can give our clients advice,” says Brennig.

Biggest inspiration at Concordia

“The professors’ passion — they cared so much about what they were doing, and they really enjoyed their jobs. It made me realize that I wanted to spend my life doing something I enjoy and am passionate about.”

How Concordia shaped her

“The small classes gave me the opportunity to really engage with my classmates, with the professor and with what I was learning. For the first time in my life, I realized that if I was truly invested in what I was doing, I could excel. It was actually one of my sociology teaching assistants who suggested law school as a next step. I had never really thought about law as a career before that.”

Proudest professional moment

“There’s no one moment; it’s the million little moments. When I’m driving home from the office on Friday nights and I’ve had a really productive week, that’s when I feel like everything is in line and I’m where I want to be.”

Vital career lesson

“In 2004, I moved to Boston and joined a law firm. I right away made connections with people and tried to become valuable to the more senior attorneys. When the firm dissolved a few months later, I had opportunities to go with certain teams elsewhere. Had I not made those connections, I’m not sure I would have had anywhere to go.”

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