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Media Production as Media Theory Workshop

January 24, 2019


Media Production as Media Theory is a two-day workshop focusing on the transnational flows of animation, manga, and popular culture in Asia and beyond, and on the ways that popular cultural production can itself be a manner of creating media theory. The workshop is part of a research exchange among Concordia University PhD students and professors, McGill University PhD students and professors, and students and researchers affiliated with Prof. Eiji Otsuka’s research group on "mass culture" at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, in Kyoto.


You are invited to attend a part or the whole of the event. We only ask that you plan on arriving by the start time of individual sessions, so as not to disturb the presenters. Also, please be quiet as you make your way to the venue, as you will pass through student study space. No registration necessary. 


As part of the workshop, Prof. Diane Wei Lewis (Washington University St. Louis) will be presenting a paper titled "Kitchen Programmers": Housewife Teleworkers and the Information Technology (IT) Revolution in Early 1980s Japan. Her talk is on Friday, and will start at 3:30 and end at 4:30.


This event is coorganized by Prof. Marc Steinberg (Concordia University), Dr. Álvaro David Hernández Hernández (International Research Center for Japanese Studies), and Prof. Eiji Ōtsuka (International Research Center for Japanese Studies).


Venue: GEM Lab @ Faubourg Building, 1250 Guy Street, FB 630.15, Concordia University


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