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Cinema Politica: five more shows!

March 5, 2018
By Joshua Weibe


Cinema Politica’s theme this year is Defiant Lives and the films playing from March 5th - April 9th bear that out.

 “They are all curated around the idea that these are individuals and communities who are resilient in the face of hardship,” says Communications and outreach coordinator, Oliver Skinner.

“Many are based in protest, in ways of fighting back against the powers that be.”

Skinner, a double major student at Concordia in film studies and English literature, took over the position in September. He says working for Cinema Politica, co-founded fourteen years ago by alumni Ezra Winton (BA ‘05, MA ‘07) and Svetla Turnin (BA ‘07) has proved to be an invaluable work experience.

“I’ve definitely gotten more into politics through my experience with Cinema Politica. I’d never really considered how much of a social impact certain films can have.”

“I worked at the box office for Hot Docs in Toronto, but this is a completely different approach to documentary film. It’s extremely timely. All the films that we show have come out within the last year and they’re tied to current news events that are unfolding right now.”

Skinner gives a run-down of the five films left to show this season.

1. Dolores – Monday March 5th, 7:00PM - Peter Bratt - 2017 - 98 minutes - USA

“I’m excited for Dolores, it was released in Sundance so it’s a bigger film. The subject’s daughter, Juana Chavez, will be joining us for a discussion after the film.” says Skinner. The movie centers around labour & civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, who worked alongside famous Cesar Chavez as they formed the first farm workers’ union in America. Additionally, activists Viviana Medina and Joey Calgary from the Immigrant Workers Centre will be speaking briefly.

2. See You in Chechnya – Monday March 12th, 7:00PM - Alexander Kvatashidze - 2016 - 69 minutes - Germany

See You in Chechnya is about love juxtaposed with war. It took the filmmaker 15 years to create, it’s a labor of love. It’s a privilege to showcase work like that, where the filmmaker has dedicated so many years of their lives to it.” says Skinner.

Director Alexander Kvatashidze will be present for a Q&A.

3. Another News Story – Monday March 19th, 7:00PM - Orban Wallace - 2017 - 84 minutes - UK

“This is a big one, we will have a panel discussion of experts after the film, filmmaker Muhammad El-Khairy as well as activists Houda Asal and Dalila Awada.” says Skinner.

4. Defiant Lives – Monday March 26th, 7:00PM - Sarah Barton - 2017 - 85 minutes - Australia

A special effort will be made by the organizers to ensure that Defiant Lives will be accessible, as it focuses on disability activism in Australia, the US & the UK. Anyone can contact Cinema Politica Concordia with any questions regarding accessibility recquirementsIt will be close captioned and extra volunteers will be available to assist anyone entering and exiting the theater.

The screening will be followed by a conversation with director Sarah Barton. Two Concordia alumni, Laurence Parent and Gift Tshuma, will also be there as guest speakers.  

5. Waru – Monday April 9th, 7:00PM - Multiple Directors - 2017 - 86 minutes - New Zealand

The last screening of the season is an anthology film by eight female Maori directors, and it’s a “hybrid of fiction and documentary. Each of the directors shoots docudrama renderings related to the death of a boy named Waru.”

All screenings will be in Concordia’s Hall building, Room H110 and are by donation.

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