Zoom Etiquette for Students

Please follow these guidelines and best practices to ensure you get the best out of your online experience.

Ground Rules

  • Practice using Zoom prior to your first meeting. Zoom is very simple, but learning how to use its features beforehand will help ensure you are ready when the class is live.
  • Sign in from the Zoom application using your first and last name as indicated in the Carrefour portal to make it easier for your instructor to take attendance or sort you into Breakout rooms.
  • Avoid multitasking (e.g. checking your emails or looking at your phone) while attending your virtual class. Stay engaged in class activities and turn off any distracting devices.
  • Think of Zoom meetings as face-to-face interactions and conduct yourself as you would if you were sharing a non-virtual classroom with your instructor and peers.
  • Respect the rights of others (both instructors and students) and contribute to an online environment free from bullying and discrimination. All students deserve equal opportunities, communicate, and feel safe articulating individual perspectives or opposing viewpoints.


  • You will be automatically muted when you join the session.
  • Once your instructor calls on you, unmute yourself and speak. Remember to mute your microphone again when you are finished. Background noise is very distracting for everyone in the session.
  • If you wish to speak or ask a question, click the “Raise Hand” button and wait for the instructor to call on you.
  • Avoid talking over or at the same time as other students.


  • Turn on your video when possible. Face-to-face communication fosters a congenial classroom atmosphere.
  • Use a Virtual Background or Zoom’s blur feature to hide any visual distractions or things that you don’t want others to see.
  • If you have limited network bandwidth and you cannot turn on your video, upload a professional picture of yourself to your Zoom account.
  • If you choose to turn off your video, demonstrate your attentiveness by typing questions, comments, or answers in the chat box, or use the non-verbal communication tools in Zoom to provide feedback to your instructor.


  • Stay on topic and avoid wordy sentences or paragraphs.
  • Use the chat box to ask questions or respond to your instructor’s or peers’ questions.
  • Use a clear writing style, grammar, punctuation and spelling, and read your message at least once before you submit it.
  • Avoid using the chat box to have private, side conversations with your peers.

Breakout rooms

  • Before joining a Breakout room, clarify the timing, expected outputs, specific roles assigned to students, and materials needed for the activity with your instructor.
  • Consider turning your video on if it is not already on.
  • Make sure you know how to ask for your instructor’s help while in a Breakout room.
  • Be ready to use Zoom features such as Share Screen, Whiteboard, and Annotations. Follow instructions from your professor in the use of specific features in a Breakout room.
  • Respect etiquette rules and maintain a professional dialogue with your peers.
  • Challenge each other’s ideas (without talking over each other), and engage in stimulating discussions.


  • Use the annotation tools only when requested, and avoid using these tools in a distracting manner.

Get help

Please direct any questions you have about using Moodle, Zoom, or Office 365 to help@concordia.ca

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