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From explaining your options and how to capitalize on opportunities available under tax laws to making the arrangements and handling the paperwork, we can help.

Planned giving is a way to support non-profits that enables philanthropic individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from ordinary income.

Some planned gifts use estate and tax planning to provide for charity and heirs in ways that maximize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the donor’s estate. Other planned gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, can provide life-long income to a donor.

Concordia Heritage Society

As a Planned Giving donor, you automatically join the Concordia Heritage Society, a group of dedicated donors who have committed a planned gift to our students and researchers.  

2016 Concordia Heritage Society reception
2015 Concordia Heritage Society reception

Established to underscore the importance of planned gifts to the university and recognize the generosity of donors, the Concordia Heritage Society hosts periodic gatherings for supporters of higher education.

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