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Soline Van de Moortele Wins Concordia University Student Research Award

April 28, 2020

Soline Van de Moortele

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce that Soline Van de Moortele, BA student pursuing Honours in Philosophy and a Major in History, is among the recipients of a Concordia University Student Research Award (CUSRA).

Her summer research project, "Lou Salomé and her Impact on Psychoanalysis, the Exporation of Female Sexuality and in 20th Century French Feminism," will be supervised by Dr. Emilia Angelova.

Soline Van de Moortele describes her research project:

"Lou Andreas-Salomé made tremendous advances in German psychoanalysis, early 20th century philosophy and in the beginnings of Western feminist theory, which have gone largely unnoticed in the history of philosophy. [...] [My] aim [is] to theorize her feminism surrounding sexuality and expose her significance in contemporary philosophy."

The CUSRA program provides funding to undergraduate students in the fine arts, social sciences, humanities, engineering and computer science, business disciplines, and natural and health sciences. The goal of the awards is to stimulate interest in research, participatory research, or research-creation work that will complement coursework and enhance preparation for graduate studies or research-related careers.

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