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Student profile

Olive Zeynep Kartal

Olive Zeynep Kartal is an MA student in Film Studies at Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. She holds a BA Honours in English (Cultural Studies) and Gender Studies from McGill University. Her thesis “The Spectral Cloth: Queer Identity in Textiles” proposes a textile approach to queer theory. Olive is Head Copyeditor at Synoptique and Research Assistant at The Platform Lab. Her work has been published in NECSUS, Synoptique, and elsewhere. She describes herself as a writer, editor, filmmaker, and enthusiast.

Supervisor: Joshua Neves

Thesis Title: The Spectral Cloth: Queer Identity in Textiles

Research Interests:

  • Queer theory
  • Feminist film
  • Media studies
  • Spectrality
  • Disability studies

Awards and Scholarships:

  • Concordia Fine Arts Scholarship
  • De Seve Cinema Graduate Award
  • De Seve Graduate Fellowship
  • Film Studies Book Award

Teaching and TAships:

FMST 213 Introduction to Film Genres

FMST 391 Sexual Representation in Cinema

FMST 329 Women and Film

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