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Max Holzberg

Max Holzberg
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Max Holzberg is a Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal-based curator, filmmaker, and researcher whose work engages with documentary film and media. He is presently at Concordia University pursuing his MA in Film Studies. Max’s SSHRC funded thesis “Replaying the Past: Queer Canadian Documentary as Counter-Archival Practice” examines queer Canadian documentary film as a form of counter-archive to question collective memory, identity, and nationality. He has also worked on several curatorial projects such as: FNC: Spotlight on Concordia Fine Arts (2019); Nouveau Cineastes, Dazibao Image (2019); UNAFF TFF (2021); and OPTIMISTA (2021-2023). Max has produced a four-part mini-series for MaTV’s My Curious City (2018); Elspeth McConnell: An Extraordinary Legacy (2019), Ana Banana Breaks Some Bread (2022) – with additional projects currently in development. Max is presently a Researcher in Residence with Concordia’s Public Art Collection (2022) and is also participating in Celine Bureau and CIGALE’s writing residency (2022).

  • Top Concordian Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  • John and Oksana Locke First 100 Years of Cinema Award

Supervisor: Dr. May Chew

Thesis Title: Replaying the Past: Queer Canadian Documentary Film as a Counter-Archival Practice

Research Interests:

Queer cinema
Documentary and experimental film
Auto-ethnographic filmmaking practices
Film history
Archival studies
National cinemas


Winter 2021 FMST 203 Film History III

Winter 2022 FMST 222 Topics in Film Aesthetics

Summer 2022 FMST 313 Film Comedy

Fall 2022 FMST 203 Film History III

Selected Publications:

Holzberg, Max. "Patti Harrison’s Self(ie) Negotiated Trans Gaze" In Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History, Volume XVI, 2020


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