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What can I do with my degree?

About the program

If your goal is to immerse yourself in the making of music, Concordia’s Music program offers you the opportunity to compose, write songs, perform, arrange, manage artists, or become a music therapist. Taking classes and working in our studios and rehearsal spaces will give you the skills, knowledge, discipline and experience you will need.

For the latest information on programs, visit the Department of Music

Career possibilities – Beyond the bachelor degree

The job titles listed below are examples of careers requiring further education such as an MA or PhD degree, a second bachelor degree, a certificate or a graduate diploma and relevant work experience.

For details on these job titles, main duties and employment requirements visit Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

  • Band manager
  • Director of arts advocacy agency
  • Director of arts council
  • Director of audience development
  • Entrepreneur
  • Festival organizer
  • Film music director
  • Music industry consultant
  • Music software programmer
  • Musicologist
  • Music therapist
  • Music studio owner
  • Music industry lawyer
  • Musical instrument maker
  • Orchestra director
  • Performing arts producer
  • Producer
  • Production manager
  • Radio program director
  • Radio station manager
  • Recording/ sound engineer
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