Certificate in Accountancy

This program is designed to provide interested candidates with an opportunity to earn a certificate while they are completing the qualifying undergraduate requirements for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in Quebec.

This program is only open to Canadian citizens, landed immigrants and permanent residents of Canada who hold a Bachelor’s degree, in any subject other than Accountancy.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a minimum 2.70 (B-) Cumulative Grade Point Avergage (CGPA) and a minimum of a 2.70 (B-) average in the mathematics prerequisites. 

All applicants must have completed the following prerequisite courses, or their equivalents:

  • MATH 208 (Linear Algebra)
  • MATH 209 (Calculus 1)
  • ECON 201 (Microeconomics)
  • ECON 203 (Macroeconomics)
  • BTM 200  (Fundementals of Information Technology)
  • COMM 217 (Financial Accounting)
  • COMM 305 (Managerial Accounting)


Please Note:

Applicants who have completed some, or all of the prerequisite courses at an institution other than Concordia must submit course descriptions/outlines at the time of their application in order for exemptions to be considered.

Students may transfer into the Certificate program up to 12 credits earned in an incomplete Bachelor’s degree or certificate program or as an independent student, provided they are in good academic standing.

For more information on the CPA designation, please view the CPA Québec website.
View the admission requirements for the CPA program at Concordia University.

Certificate in Accountancy: 30 credits

Offered by: Accountancy
Program: Undergraduate

Intensive study is made of the theory and practice of external financial reporting by business organizations, focusing on concepts and procedures underlying the measurement of assets and the determination of income.

Prerequisites & notes

Prerequisite: COMM 305 previously or concurrently.

Offered by: Accountancy
Program: Undergraduate

This course continues the intensive study of ACCO 310, with particular emphasis on accounting for liabilities, shareholders' equity, and other related topics such as earnings per share, pension accounting, and accounting for income taxes.

Prerequisites & notes

Prerequisite: ACCO 310.

Offered by: Accountancy
Program: Undergraduate

Prerequisite: COMM 305. This course provides an examination of the techniques, systems, and procedures applicable to the managerial use of accounting information for planning, decisionmaking, and control. Topics include cost accumulation and allocation, product and process costing, fl exible budgeting and variance analysis, evaluation of managerial performance, and transfer pricing.

Offered by: Accountancy
Program: Undergraduate

Prerequisite: COMM 217. This course examines the federal income tax structure, including the taxation of employment, business, property income, and capital gains of individuals and corporations.

Offered by: Accountancy
Program: Undergraduate

This course examines the concepts and methods of auditing and how internal and external audits are integrated in a more general corporate governance and risk management framework. The importance of the design and monitoring of effective internal controls is highlighted. The objectives, concepts and methods of auditing are illustrated with examples and short cases. They are also applied to solve simple problems and cases.

Prerequisites & notes

Prerequisite: COMM 305

Students who have received credit for ACCO 450 may not take this course for credit.

Offered by: Accountancy
Program: Undergraduate

This course examines the theory and practice of accounting for inter­corporate investments, business combinations, consolidation of financial statements, and foreign currency trans­actions and operations.

Prerequisites & notes

Prerequisite: ACCO 320.



12 additional credits from among the John Molson courses needed to satisfy the CPA requirements.


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