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How to plan, prepare and be aware

It's Emergency Preparedness Week! At Concordia, keep calm and carry on with these new Moodle courses
May 8, 2017
By S. Baker


Emergency Preparedness Week
takes place annually in the second week of May. It’s an initiative developed by Public Safety Canada.

On campus, the aim of this year’s theme "Plan. Prepare. Be Aware." is to encourage Canadians to learn how to protect themselves in an emergency situation.

This week, the Emergency Management office is holding events across both campuses to educate the community and encourage their participation.

As emergency preparedness officer Rachel Nielsen explains, preparation helps people stay safe and respond effectively.

“While Concordia has an extensive emergency response framework, the community also needs to play a role in fostering a safe environment,” Nielsen says.

The first step? Report emergencies and hazards you encounter to Security at 514-848-3717, and get informed about proper response procedures.

‘We wanted to make information more accessible'

With an eye to further supporting Concordians, the emergency management team is launching new Moodle courses.

“We wanted to make information more accessible to the entire university community and allow people to take courses at their own pace.” 

The new Moodle courses include the following:

  • CERT Training: Renewal training for Concordia Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers who have previously completed the in-person orientation.
  • DEPP Training: Training for designated Departmental Emergency Preparedness Plan (DEPP) personnel.  
  • Emergencies at Concordia: Information on what you need to know about emergencies at Concordia, including basic procedures for faculty, staff and students.

Sign up now to take one of these courses. Don’t have a Moodle account? You can register by emailing with your name, netname and email address.

Find out more about Concordia’s Emergency Management Program.


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