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From wetland restoration to urban food forests: This year's graduate student poster competition

June 23, 2020

Despite the cancellation of this year's Sustainability and the Climate Crisis conference scheduled for this past March and hosted by the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre and the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability, we are very excited to be able to present the Graduate Student Poster Session: Current Topics in Sustainability Science online. This session features ten posters produced by students in HENV 680 (Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science, taught by Professor Sarah Turner), ranging in topics from Ag-Gag laws to the effects of wind energy production on bats and the experience of preschool teachers in nature-based education programs.

As part of the session, a team of dedicated judges was tasked with the difficult work of evaluating and comparing the posters based on their relevance to sustainability, structure, visual appeal, and content. The following posters were awarded distinction in this competition:

1st Place: Zeina El Omari: Unsustainable green lawns: Can urban food forests be a sustainable alternative to green lawns in North American urban landscapes?

2nd Place: Michelle Anderson: Assessing the sustainability of restoring wetlands in the Bay of Fundy

All the posters are on display here.  

Congratulations to all for the great work!

Special thanks to the participating students, the volunteer judges (Sebastian di Poi, Matthew Leddy, Jochen Jaeger, and Rebecca Tittler) and especially to Professor Sarah Turner for making this happen!

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