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Culture Shock

Whenever you travel and are exposed to different settings and cultures, you may experience a phenomenon called “Culture Shock”. 

To help us understand better what Culture Shock is, International students at Concordia have come forth with their experiences.

Tips to face culture shock

Whenever in a new country, you need to find a support system; what better support system than great friends? Concordia offers various opportunities for new students to make friends.

An effective way to get over Culture Shock is to remain active. Pick up a fun hobby that you can indulge in regularly, meet people with similar interests to yours, and establish a strong structure in your lifestyle.

Concordia Students are free to sign up to any of the clubs enlisted by the CSU. The Concordia gym also offers plenty of interesting physical activities in which you can stay in shape and make new friends.

Getting past language barriers is a very big step in overcoming Culture Shock. Thankfully, Concordia offers services and courses that can help you become more proficient in French and/or in English.

Whenever traveling to a new country, your diet changes greatly. Food you’d think is common in stores is rare, the spices used in restaurants are different, and even the taste of certain products you thought you knew have changed.

After a while, you will crave a taste of home. Luckily, Montreal is bursting with flavors from all over the world, and finding the meal for your taste buds is definitely possible.

Sometimes, Culture Shock seems too hard to get over. There is no need to worry, as Concordia’s counseling services are here to help you out. Don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Montreal is a very dynamic city with many things to do. You should also take the opportunity to explore outside the city; it's a great way to open your mind to new experiences and remain active!

Be curious and keep the spirit of discovery alive by visiting many North American landmarks, and travel with friends in and around Canada!

From left to right: Pooja Patil (India), Marie Marquis (France), Ilhem Chaima Bousbiat (Algeria), Zevar Sherwany (Iraq), Connor Wang (China).
*On your way back to your home country, you may experience these stages again and will have to re-adapt yourself to your country’s environment. This is called “Reverse Culture Shock”.
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