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Academic Leadership Awards

Recognizing contributions and devotion to the university's mission, these awards are given annually to academic leaders who have shown exceptional leadership abilities through the realization of significant administrative accomplishments at Concordia.

2024 Award Winners

Elizabeth Bloodgood

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science

Alex De Visscher

Professor and Chair
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Noah Drew

Associate Professor
Department of Theatre

Lisa Ostiguy

Professor and former Special Advisor on Campus Life and Supports
Department of Applied Human Sciences

2023 Award Winners

Elyse Amend

Associate Professor
Department of Journalism

Suong Van Hoa

Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

Cody Hyndman

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics 

Kelly Jazvac

Associate Professor
Department of Studio Arts

Previous Academic Leadership Awards recipients

Name Affiliation
Alice Ming Wai Jim Associate Professor, Department of Art History
Véronique Pepin Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology Department of Economics

Name Affiliation
Selvadurai Dayanandan Professor and Chair, Department of Biology
Jorgen Hansen Professor, Department of Economics
Kimberley Manning Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Sudhir Mudur Professor, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
David Secko Chair and Professor, Department of Journalism

Name Affiliation
Nabil Esmail Professor, Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
Nalini Mohabir Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Planning & Environment

Name Affiliation
Sandra Betton Department of Finance
Rachisa Dssouli Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE)
Daniel Salée School of Community and Public Affairs (SCPA)

Name Affiliation
Linda Dyer Department of Management

Name Affiliation
Meredith Giffin Concordia Library
David Morris Department of Philosophy
Monica Mulrennan Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
Martin Pugh Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Name Affiliation
Christopher W. Trueman Electrical and Computer Engineering

Name Affiliation
Radu Zmeureanu Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Name Affiliation
June Chaikelson Psychology
Glenn Cowan Electrical and Computer Engineering

Name Affiliation
Lynn Hughes Studio Arts
George Kanaan Accountancy
Lata Narayanan Computer Science and Software Engineering

Name Affiliation
Michael Kenneally School of Canadian Irish Studies
Robert D. Kilgour Exercise Science
William E. Lynch Electrical and Computer Engineering
Danielle Morin Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
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