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Trading room rules

Please be aware of these rules, as the lab assistants will enforce them.

These rules have been put in place to ensure a respectful, friendly and safe environment.

Rule 1: All users must be respectful of the lab environment and to those who are using it. Foul language and/or inappropriate gesture with regards to anyone will not be tolerated.

Rule 2: No food of any kind is permitted in the lab. Any beverages need to be in a sealed container (eg: thermos). The person that will be seen with food or beverage in the Trading Lab will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to come back for the entire day.

Rule 3: No chairs are to be taken from the lab, under any circumstances.

Rule 4: Use of the lab is restricted to financial databases. If you are not following this rule a lab assistant may ask you to leave the lab.

Rule 5: After using your station make sure to clean your space and log out of your session. 

Rule 6: You are warned that any documents or files saved on the desktop will be deleted the same day. We recommend you save everything on a USB key.

Rule 7: The lab is only accessible during the scheduled hours and can be exclusively used after hours with an access card (restricted to certain categories of users). In other cases, Campus Safety and Prevention Services is allowed to escort you out.

The John Dobson — Formula Growth Investment Room is proud to offer you a clean and respectful environment.

Thank you for your understanding.

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