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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the GDBA program? We invite you to review our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us.


The Graduate Diploma and Certificates in Business Administration (GDBA, GCBA, GCQBS) are between five to 10 courses in length (core courses + one elective) and can be completed between 6–12 months. The programs are designed for graduates of non-business programs who wish to enhance their profile with a wide range of business skills sought by employers. The courses consist of a mix of lectures and some case work in broad business topics. Work experience is not mandatory to apply to this program.

The full-time/part-time MBA program consists of 15 courses (10 core courses and five electives) which can be completed in 20–24 months full-time or 3–4 years part-time. The core courses are taught entirely in a case-based approach, allowing candidates to delve deeper into business administration in a practical way. A minimum of two years of work experience is required of all candidates to contextualize the theoretical concepts being taught. Classes are focused around teamwork, presentations, discussions, and more. The MBA also offers further skill-development opportunities with a wide variety of electives, both in-class and experiential (i.e., Co-op, Community Service Initiative, Concordia Small Business Consulting Bureau, International Case Competition, and much more).

Yes! The GDBA / GCBA / GCQBS programs do not require any prior work experience. The program is designed for non-business undergraduates to get additional skills that employers seek.

No. The GDBA program is a fixed curriculum of nine core courses that cover a general overview of business administration with the opportunity for only one elective course.

No. Our Graduate Diploma and Certificate students do not have access to Concordia’s Institute for Co⁠-⁠operative Education. However, students may work with Career Management Services to secure independent internship opportunities during the program.

Admissions & funding

No. The Graduate Diploma and Certificates in Business Administration are not master’s-level programs and, therefore, the credits are not equivalent and do not transfer into the MBA program. However, Graduate Diploma and Certificate students are certainly welcome to apply to the MBA at any time during their program should they meet all the admission requirements (including GMAT).

No. Scholarships are only available to MSc, MBA and PhD students.

Beyond the GDBA

GDBA graduates typically move into administrative positions across all industries and sectors. They may later grow into managerial roles, combining the expertise gained in the field of their bachelor’s degree with a well-rounded skillset in business administration. Our GDBA program boasts a 93% employment rate within three months of graduation.

MBA graduates build upon previously acquired professional experience to move into managerial roles linked to consulting, leadership and management in almost any industry. MBA students leverage the business focus they have refined and the network they have developed with industry leaders to break into the job market after graduation.

Absolutely! Please contact our team so we can assess which of our ambassadors would be the best fit to chat with you and to share experiences that are relevant to your goals.

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