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RI MUHC partnership

An exciting collaboration between the two world-renowned institutions

The John Molson School of Business and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) have an established agreement to provide graduate level academic business training to science graduate students, researchers and health care practitioners affiliated with the MUHC.

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For more information please contact:

Carine Nahman
Manager, Marketing and Recruitment, John Molson School of Business 

Emily Bell, PhD
Manager, Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre

Testimonials from GCBA graduates of the RI-MUHC

Floriana Berretta, PhD, GCBA 2012

Regulatory Affairs Scientist, Pharmascience Inc.

Dr Berretta talks about how the GCBA gave her the business skills she needed to complement her science and research background. She also tells how completing the GCBA helped her develop her professional network.

Ian Swanson, BSCH, MSc, GCBA 2010

Business Development Associate, Synaptive Medical, Toronto, Canada

"When I realized academia was not where my future lay, I discovered that my experiences and skill set left blatant gaps that would require filling as I stepped off the academic path. Much like other science students, my university experience had been exclusively focused on building the knowledge and skills required to succeed in my field, but they were not easily transferable to other disciplines.

Enrolling in the GCBA program was an easy win; the courses were instrumental in helping me bridge the gap between science and business. Although they were definitely a different style of class from that I was used to in science, they were not nearly as daunting as I thought they would be. I now work at a company that straddles the line between business and science, and I feel the GCBA program not only helped me land the job, but also facilitated a smooth transition out of academia."

Testimonials from RI-MUHC GCBA students (2017-18)

Christina Sooklall

Why the John Molson School of Business? I always knew John Molson was an amazing business school that I wanted to attend. When I found out about the GCBA RI-MUHC Partnership, I was excited to be able to apply and expand my health science background by complementing it with business administration. 

Your Experience in the John Molson GDBA: The experience was exceptional. The courses were thought-provoking and most of all, practical. 

I was privileged to be part of the John Molson Women in Business Club. In addition to academics, John Molson provides students with tremendous amounts of career and networking opportunities, from which I benefited greatly. The GCBA has provided me with priceless insights into business practices and professional business skills that I will carry forward with me into the future.

Frances Sol Bruno

Why the Jhn Molson School of Business? For me, John Molson encapsulates the values I sought in an educational institution: cultured, open-minded, innovative, cosmopolitan. The school has allowed me to expand my network and be part of a new community. Aside from the academic training at John Molson, I was also appreciative of the terrific extracurricular services and activities they offered to their students. Being in a safe learning environment is quite a treat for anyone looking to enhance their career and clarify their own sense of mission.

Your Experience in the John Molson GDBA: As a nurse by training, I knew that there were a lot of things I could do better as a clinician, educator, and an advocate. While I investigated multiple postgraduate options, Concordia's affiliate GCBA program with the RI-MUHC blended seamlessly with my full-time job. The business courses gave me the opportunity to learn more about how things work outside the perimeter of clinical nursing care and to approach dilemmas with new and interesting perspectives.

Jesse Hudson

Why the John Molson School of Business?: Nearing the end of my graduate studies in the health sciences, I wanted to diversify my skillset in order to better communicate and promote the value of my scientific work and that of others, improve my business thinking and to allow for a successful transition into non-academic careers. I felt the business training and reputation offered at John Molson best met my objectives for personal development.

I appreciated that courses are offered both during the day or in the evening, depending on the needs of the student, and that the GDBA curriculum can be competed on a part-time or full-time basis. I was also intrigued by the emphasis placed on group projects and experiential learning as a means for learning and improvement.   

Your Experience in the John Molson GDBA: My experience in the GDBA/GCBA program has been very rewarding, as the experiential learning, case studies and group projects have allowed for significant personal growth in a team setting. Moreover, the formal training has significantly improved my business acumen and more than met my expectations. In addition, the numerous career opportunities offered to students through networking events, Career Management Services and the connexions website has allowed me to vastly expand my network. Finally, getting involved with student societies has afforded me a unique opportunity to foster close connections with my fellow students and develop lasting friendships both personally and professionally.

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