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The Dobson Practicum is a program funded by the John Dobson Foundation and supported by Enactus Concordia. The Practicum provides current students and recent Concordia graduate entrepreneurs with hands-on learning opportunities, access to business networks and mentors, and resources and guidance to help their business succeed. At the end of the Practicum, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to compete in the annual $EED Competition. Sign up today to pitch your idea and be part of the Dobson Practicum!

Entrepreneurs accepted into the Dobson Practicum will have the opportunity to attend various business-related workshops. Some workshop examples are:

  • Creating value
  • Validating your business model
  • Market & industry assessment
  • Cash flow planning
  • Pitch preparation
  • Funding & financing

The complete list of workshops and sign up information will be available soon.

Entrepreneurs in the Dobson Practicum will have access to the program’s mentors. Mentors are there to guide the entrepreneurs as they refine their business idea, building their business plan and pitch presentation for the $EED competition. The Dobson Practicum mentors are:

Selected entrepreneurs from the Dobson Practicum will have the opportunity to submit their business plan and pitch their idea at the annual $EED Competition for a part of $10,000 in prize money. Their pitch and business plan will be judged by prominent members of the Montreal entrepreneur and business community, including business leaders, investors and bankers.

Read some testimonials from past Dobson Practicum Participants

Khashayar Toodehfallah Khashayar Toodehfallah – Photo by Allen McInnes

The practicum was an exceptional experience. With its balanced work-load, it was fully manageable for a full-time student yet it offered a level of value that exceeded my expectations. The mentorship process was also a fantastic experience. During the development months, our mentor helped us not only with business development challenges but also with psychological challenges that we grappled with such as trying to envision the future of the business or loosing motivation after discouraging customer meetings. During the networking cocktails planned, we managed to make some great connections with people who can either help us now or later in developing or accelerating our business. I could not recommend this experience enough.

- Khashayar Toodehfallah, Founder Of Termelo, 1st Place 2016 $EED Competition

Anthony Esposito Anthony Esposito – Photo by Allen McInnes

"The Dobson Practicum was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to all of my peers. I was extremely fortunate to have walked away with a monetary prize – but what I gained in terms of knowledge and network was worth much more! My mentor (who is absolutely amazing) provided me with insightful recommendations and constant encouragement. The program's mentors, events, workshops and deadlines (especially for the business plan and rocket pitch) forced me to be accountable with the progression of my business. All of this, coupled with continuous feedback, has defin..."

-Anthony Esposito, Founder Of Delivurr, 2nd Place 2016 $EED Competition

Victor Barbaros & Vanessa Cherenfant of Elysia, $EED Competition Winners 2015 Victor Barbaros & Vanessa Cherenfant of Elysia with
Cameron Fortin of the John Dobson Foundation and
Ron Abraira, Dobson Practicum Coordinator.

"Participating in the Practicum has been a rewarding experience for our team. We had the opportunity to be connected with a great mentor who was in our field and gave us valuable insights on the industry and our company. The feedback and coaching received definitely prepared us to win the top prize."

- Victor Barbaros & Vanessa Cherenfant, Founders of Elysia, $EED Competition Winners 2015

Changhyun Ahn & Jasmit Heera of CardioRescue, $EED Competition Winners 2015 Changhyun Ahn & Jasmit Heera of CardioRescue
with Greg Adelstein, John Molson Entrepreneur in Resident
and Ron Abraira, Dobson Practicum Coordinator

"The Dobson Practicum was a milestone for us in order to further expand our business. Our mentor was absolutely fantastic! His guidance not only allowed us to overcome obstacles new entrepreneurs experience, but we also learnt to develop a business plan, and be confident. The monetary prize we won was a substantial investment towards our business. Additionally, we had the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from professionals from various fields. To summarize our experience in one sentence, we would say that the Dobson Practicum allows young entrepreneurs to bring their vision to reality, and we would highly recommend anyone with an idea to participate."

 - Jasmit Heera & Changhyun Ahn, Founders, CardioRescue,, $EED Competition Winners 2015 founders Steven Scalia (left) and Angelo Esposito Bottle Bookings founders Steven Scalia (left) and Angelo Esposito. | Photo by Maxellende Pycke

Our experience in the Practicum was extremely rewarding: Our mentors’ feedback exposed our team to a different perspective on our operations and the challenges lying ahead. The adjustments to our business plan suggested by our mentors not only allowed us to claim a monetary prize in the practicum, but also make for a more efficient go-to-market strategy.

- Steven Scalia, COO $EED Competition Winner 2014

I entered the Dobson Practicum with the hopes of starting a business. My problem was heavily layered however; I had little money, no guidance and little experience writing a business plan. I was paired up with Klemen and it was a blast. We spent about a month understanding my strengths, but more importantly, identifying my weaknesses to improve them. We spent the time going through all the aspects of a business; ground up and he helped me do my research. My mentor guided me to writing a business plan and pitching properly and efficiently with my 5 minute limit for the presentation. I never would have won were it not for the preparation the $EED Competition offers it's competitors. It's a fantastic experience and I suggest anyone who has an idea to try and compete. Even if you don't win, you will learn enough to start it out on your own.

- Jonathan Bercu, Founder Paradox Interfaces $EED Competition Winner 2014

Sabrina Grassi, founder of Sabrina’s Closet Sabrina Grassi, founder of Sabrina’s Closet

Being part of the Practicum was an amazing experience and I am so glad I participated. Not only was I able to learn so much from my mentor on a weekly basis, but I took a lot of the things that I learned and applied them to my online business. The experience challenged me and brought me out of my comfort zone as my mentor made me focus on things I would have otherwise overseen. Additionally, I met so many people along the way and made meaningful connections. I highly recommend any student entrepreneur to participate in the Practicum.

- Sabrina Grassi, Founder $EED Competition Winner 2014

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